explaining more of my spotify playlists // ft. my elite taste in music ‹𝟹

h-hey there. it’s a new year!😅 and it’s been quite good so far. the first couple weeks was just studying, and exams.. and 9th grade came to an end. the beginning of 10th, it’s kind of a huge deal here ’cause this year is when we write the public exam.

so, i think it’s safe to say that our teachers have succeeded in the task of stressing us out even more, by giving lectures on how hectic this year will be, how if we don’t study everyday, we won’t get “good” marks and how these exams are sO important for our future. the list goes on.😵

i mean, i can agree that grades matter to some extent, but it’s not really worth throwing everything else away. i mean, we’re all just teenagers and we kind of.. yk, wanna have a life. and do things we actually want to do. but hey, it’s just another day in today’s messed-up education system.

anyway– i’ll save the ranting for later. today, is a sequel to this post where i talked about my playlists on spotify. i seriously have an obsession with creating playlists, and just listening to music in general. but, at least it gives me some content for my blog..right?

so, up-to-date, i have like 33 playlists. here’s some of them e x p l a i n e d.

♪・῾☆ perfection

okayy this is one of my absolute favorites. i just LOVE the vibes of this. i was listening to the neighborhood, and chase atlantic – and wanted a whole playlist that had songs with the same vibe of these bands. and then it was created – i searched for similar playlists and added songs from those also.

there’s not specific words i can use to explain these songs. (iconic. immaculate. perfection.) you’d just have to listen and see :))

favs: i wanna be yours, sick thoughts, national anthem.

♪・῾☆ dark academia

let’s move beside the fact that i copied someone else’s playlist and just talk about THIS AESTHETIC. dark academia is my favourite aesthetic, and eveything associated with it – the style, the music, the beautiful castles, sculptures, libraries, arts, eveything – is incredible. and i wanted a playlist that was the embodiment of all that.

i think i’ve come to appreciate classical music as well – it is so lovely and.. melodious. so, half of this playlist is classical, then modern dark academia music.

favs: young and beautiful, the night we met, reflections.

♪・῾☆escaping vecna

( without a doubt, any song from one direction’s FOUR or made in the AM would save me from vecna. these songs are so precious to me and i will continue to stan 1D till the end<3 )

so, this is a stranger things themed playlist. when you’re under vecna’s curse, music can be used as a way to escape. it’s also a form of therapy. soo, it might be your favorite song, or any song you really.. associate yourself with. in general, this is a really cool idea for a playlist :))

favs: infinity, summertime sadness, august.

♪・῾☆ oldies

this playlist was originally “my dad’s music taste” but i changed it to “oldies”. (should i leave it like that or change it back?) this is also one of my favourites. music from the 70s, 80s, 90s just don’t compare to modern music. most of these are hidden gems that are absolute bangers😌

i also need more songs to be added here, so please give me some recommendations x

favs: kryptonite, billie jean, everybody wants to rule the world.

♪・῾☆ how many nights does it take to count the stars?

this is another sad playlist. i had no idea what to name then, but i picked this lyric from infinity by one direction – and that was perfect. “how many nights does it take to count the stars? that’s the time it would take to fix my heart”.

in a nutshell, this has songs that are physically painful to listen to. and it’s nice to cry along to, or just fall asleep listening. either way, you gotta have a good sad songs playlist :))

favs: falling, partners in crime, i don’t wanna watch the world end with someone else.

♪・῾☆ confidence is key

one of the more recent ones i’ve created! it’s a confidence boost playlist. and the songs here, as you can probably tell, are a vibe. (the cover is also a really cool edit of a power-puff girl😁) the songs here are upbeat, cheery, and are sure to boost your serotonin. and yeah, that’s pretty much it.

favs: little black dress, false god, still into you.

♪・῾☆ high achiever, don't you see?

the title is from “are you satisfied?” by MARINA. “high achiever, don’t you see? baby, nothing comes for free. they say i’m a control freak – driven by a greed to succeed.” i saw a playlist like this on youtube and wanted to recreate it. a playlist for burnt-out, gifted and high achieving people who value academic validation. and yeah, it’s quite a playlist, i’d say. quite unique as well.

favs: primadonna, this is me trying, line without a hook.

♪・῾☆ the end of an era

this playlist is the quintessence of the feeling you get after your favourite series ends, or just when it’s the end of something that really mattered to you. i don’t exactly remember which event i created this for, but i’m glad i did :)) it’s a really comforting playlist in general. it was also inspired by this playlist – “it’s over and that’s ok” .

also, i discovered Lord Huron’s music a couple weeks or so ago, and it’s ..ethereal.. that’s one way to describe it. but i love “ends of the earth” :))

favs: setting sun, where’d all the time go?, two ghosts.

whew, that was one LONG post. but i always love writing posts about music, and talking about my playlists. i also have a bunch of others i haven’t mentioned here, so check out my spotify as well~

thank you so much for reading!! ❤ how’s your week been so far? how alike is our taste in music? let’s talk in the comments!


11 thoughts on “explaining more of my spotify playlists // ft. my elite taste in music ‹𝟹

  1. Eeee! I’m glad you like writing these types of posts because I like reading them! I do so love your taste in music and I’ll have to listen to some of these songs that I haven’t heard yet!

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