The girl behind the screen 😜

Hi I’m Evin, and Welcome to my blog!!

This page is ALL about me so let’s get started :))

You could define me as an ambivert teen who loves reading books, music, coffee, over-sized clothes, dogs, traveling, one direction, Netflix and making new friends. I started my blog to share my interests and to connect with like-minded people!

I’m a potterhead, and a ravenclaw.💙 I LOVE books!! I read a lot. Mostly only fiction, mystery, fantasy and Young adult books.📚 I love music, just as much as books. My favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Conan Gray, 5SOS, artic monkeys, the neighborhood, chase Atlantic, one direction (solos), Lana del ray, & so much more. I also LOVE music from the 50s – 90s. i’ve made a LOT of playlists too!

I’m a huge dog lover!!🐕♥️!!! I have a dog – Oreo, and he’s an adorable, chocolate-colored puppy🐶 I Roller-skate, and I’ve been doing it for 6 years now. I do it mostly for fun, but I’ve been in a couple tournaments. I also really like sports in general! a huge FIFA World Cup fan, and I love track, volleyball etc.

One of my absolute favourite hobbies is doing digital art. I make digital illustrations and portraits, and if you would like to buy a customized one from me, you can visit this page! I also love digital designing on Canva. It’s a space for me to be creative and work on my designing skills!

♡ °some facts about me° ♡

  • I’m 14 years old
  • I’m Indian
  • I love to travel, visit my travel blog here.
  • My favorite color is Blue
  • My zodiac sign is Leo.
  • I’m a mix of an introvert and an extrovert (ambivert)
  • I’m bilingual (+know a teensy bit of Spanish. I use duolingo, so you can’t really blame me.)
  • I’ve been blogging for 2 years
  • My favorite aesthetics are Light academia & Vintage!

I also have a “About my Blog” page, so be sure to check it out as well! click on the image below to get there:

how are you doing? what are some of your interests? let’s talk in the comments!🌷

last updated March 2023


72 thoughts on “The girl behind the screen 😜

  1. Hola!! I am learning Spanish too! Well, my familia is. (Is that right? I haven’t learned family in Spanish yet. I think I have either read or heard the word though) Have a great day!!

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    1. India is amazing! There is so much about my country. Yess!!! Ravenclaws unite!!!!! I took a quiz and my Harry Potter character was Luna!! She’s my fav as welll! We have so much in common ☺️


  2. Love all that you’ve written about yourself Evin! Very sweet 😊 so nice to learn more about you! Your personality really shines through xx

    I’m also learning Spanish.. been kind of slacking lately but I really want to pick it up again. My boyfriend is Hispanic and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. I can only speak the one language but would love to be able to communicate with his in his native language.

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  3. Hey Evin! It seems like we have a lot in common! I LOVE to write and READ. I have a cat and 2 guinea pigs, (well, they are kinda like hamsters). Nice to know you like animals, too!
    thanks for the follow!

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  4. Hi Evin! Stumbled upon your blog and I love the energy here. I’m a new follower and I’m gonna have me a look around. I’m not a 1Directioner (is that the correct term?) but my sister is and I like their songs. But I’m a Potterhead and a curly “sue” like you so I’m glad to meet a fellow in the blogosphere. Hope your week is going good. Cheers.

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  5. How did I not come across this page?? Now I know a lot more about you, and it turns out: we’re almost similar! 😂😂
    Speaking of which, how far have you come in learning Spanish? I haven’t even made it past the beginner’s mark 😂

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    1. 😂 you’ve never read this?
      That’s great!!
      I COMPLETELY forgot about Duolingo Spanish, I haven’t continued in months. I attempted a skills test (or I forgot what it was called,) but I didn’t pass😂

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  6. You don’t know if you have been to the site? I am more confused than ever.!?!?!?!? I understan the jungle book thing, Not everyone can be as awesome as me!!!!! (I am totaly Joking with you)

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  7. Hi Evin, LOVE your blog! I’m Layla and I am a huge fan of harry potter and kotlc too (okay, that may be an underestimate)! Oreo sounds adorable! I have a kitten called Mishmish XD anyway, nice to meet you

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  8. Hi Evin,
    You have a good potential as an artist and host. Keep going on.

    And Welcome to The Gondwanaland. 🤗


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