visiting my grandma’s hometown

hey! it’s been a while. i’ve finally found some sort of motivation to keep this blog alive. i think. today’s post is gonna be about a weekend trip i went on – i usually do these kind of posts on my travel blog, but i wanted to post this one here too.

so, what’s happened in the last couple months? new playlists were created, a couple books were read, lots of overthinking, studying (just a little bit) and just hanging out w/friends.🤟 there was a (food) carnival at school yesterday along with a job fair which was awesome!! i had a great time. the food was great too. 10th grade so far has been alright.

25th february, saturday

february is such a strange word. i couldn’t figure out how to spell it and i just spent a few minutes thinking about how it doesn’t even seem like a word. i’m so used to just writing “feb” that it seems so weird now. what?

my mom and my grandma had been staying in the town (which i won’t reveal for privacy reasons) for a couple days now, and thankfully, this saturday was a holiday for me so i wanted to visit too. the last time i went there was a couple years ago, and it’s where some relatives from my mom’s side of my family live. 😄

it was a short drive, 2 hours – just looked out the window and listened to music all the way. my dad has a pretty good travel playlist – it’s mostly old music and they’re all bops.🎶i brought a book along with me {the strange case of dr.jekyll and mr. hyde} but ended up not reading it at all.

it was initially just a one day trip, but my mom wanted me to stay a day and leave tomorrow. so i did. we stayed at my great-grandpa’s house. it’s over 125 years old and it’s really nice – with a garden and everything. 🍃 i saw my great-grandpa, who’s 99 years old now 😮 then, my mom, dad and i went to a small cafe nearby for breakfast – i had dosa.

me petting a little goat (a baby goat is called a kid, but “me petting a kid” is just …nope.)

then, we walked around – there was a street full of stalls and shops. it was really nice. 😀 on the way back home, i got ice-cream. then, we went to my (second) cousin’s {shreya} house – she was really little the last time i saw her. now she’s in 4th grade😮i helped shreya with some of her homework afterwords. (and felt somewhat useful) we had lunch there. i took a nap afterwards.

my grandma wanted to see the school she used to go to. so, we first saw the elementary school, where my grandma and her brother went to. then, we visited the high school. it had a huge ground – and lots of plants. we got to go in too. – it was strangely nostalgic. i had a great time looking around the schools.

one of my great-uncle’s friend’s house was nearby, and they had two baby goats. they were adorable, i even got to hold one of them :)) we went back home, i was on youtube for a while. i really liked it there, and thought about how it would be if i lived there too.

my mom also said that there are festivals that happen frequently, and everyone gathers near the temple during. we went for dinner at the same cafe we had breakfast at, and walked home later. then, we went on a round around the place. it was awesome – i had a fun time.😁 i fell asleep at around 10:30.

26th february, sunday

the next morning, my mom, dad and i went to this temple nearby, it was really big and i really like the architecture of temples too. the intricate details, sculptures, the tall gopurams, the paintings and everything. 💙

my mom’s cousin was arriving today, and another one of my second cousins, has the same birthday as me! {he’s around 2 years old} so we waited until they arrived, said hi and then left. not quite literally but you get what i mean.😆

it was extremely hot out. and there was nothing much to listen to on the drive back because i’d already listened to most of the songs, and there were only a limited no. of songs downloaded.. i got a donut to eat but it wasn’t that good. :/

after what seemed like forever, we were finally home. it felt exhausted even though i barely did anything.

thank you so much for reading!! it’s quite refreshing writing again after a long time. i’ll see you again, soon.

(that’s a lie)


13 thoughts on “visiting my grandma’s hometown

  1. What a lovely visit. I haven’t been anywhere in forever, but my “little brother” (age 74! LOL) is coming to Texas from where he lives in Virginia to spend Spring Break. The place you visit can be beautiful, etc. but it’s the people who make it a good visit!

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