Featherlights Blog Designz.🔅

Welcome to my blog designs page!! This is where I offer quality designs to light up your blog, free of charge. I can also help you with your blog, other than designing😀💗

I am not taking orders at the moment, sorry!

All the designs I offer are 100% FREE!! But be sure to link to this page/my blog and credit me if you got a design from here.

If you’re a blogger who’s just starting out, or even if you’re someone who has been blogging for sometime, but are struggling with redesigning, deciding on designs, colors…or, if you just need a hand in graphic designing, I’M HERE TO HELP!

Be sure to check out Page 2 for the reviews from bloggers who got help from Featherlights!

I am currently taking a break from designing for others, but you please check back later if you need any help :))

Do you want your blog to be designed for free?

here are the design options: (with examples!)

Just a blog button: A blog button is like a logo for your blog. describe what shape, colors, fonts & elements I should use for your blog button, and I’ll design it for you.

My blog button

Just a header image: A header image is displayed on the top of the homepage of your blog. It’s mainly used to attract readers to your blog, So don’t you want it to look AWESOME?😜

Sidebar graphics: Sidebar graphics are images you display over your widgets in your sidebar (or even a footer) They make your blog look professional, and appealing to your visitors.

Featured Images: Featured images are images that you use in your blog posts. This is optional but, I feel that featured images are a crucial part of a blog post. So let’s make it look super cool! here are a few examples:

Sign off : A sign-off is what you put at the end of each blog post to sign-off with style! You send me a background image of your choice and I customize it for you. Or, I make it from scratch where you tell me what colors, stickers, themes I use.😀 I have LOTS of sign-offs, here are some of them:

Divider: A divider or a separator is what you can use in your posts to break up text, and in between paragraphs.

Whole blog design: I make all of the things mentioned above for your blog. Then, you add me as administrator in your blog, so I can add all the elements to your blog!! (If you’re interested in a whole blog makeover, then I also pick a different theme and color palette)

Click here to see my blog design.

Mix ‘n’ match: you can ask me for a header+button, featured image+sidebar graphics and combos like that too!

Don’t know where to start? I got you.

First, tell me what theme you’re going for.. This is entirely customizable, and it’s fine if you don’t have a theme in mind! here are some examples:

  • A color (ex: purple, pink, teal)
  • Bookish
  • Bohemian
  • Minimalistic
  • Aesthetic
  • Artsy
  • Anime
  • Colorful//rainbow

Okay, since now you’ve chosen a theme, choose a color pallet! you can also tell me what colors I should use if you don’t want the ones mentioned below:

Great! Lastly, choose 1-3 fonts from any of these boards again, you can personally request a font as well.

I am not taking orders at the moment, sorry!

now that you’ve picked what you want your

Thank you so much!

Now shoot me a message through this form! I’ll try to get back to you ASAP!

YAY! We did it! all you have to do is wait!!

Bye for now!!

Click here to see the review page


34 thoughts on “Featherlights Blog Designz.🔅

    1. Hi Aanya!! I use Canva, and if you need some ideas for graphics, u can search for ‘summer’ ‘fruits’ ‘pink’ ‘scribbles’ ‘fun’ or something like that. I don’t use anything in specific 😝

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  1. Dear Evin, you are doing an amazing job!!! I came here from Aaliya’s blog by the name Aaliya’s nook. You did a beautiful work!! I just wanted to congratulate you on your creativity and kindness. Keep it up girl👌👌👌👌👌

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hi again! My parents said i could start a blog!! *cheers* I’m trying to set it up rn, i was wondering what homepage layout you use (Also i’m going to put an order in soon, i know you don’t do them till the weekends but i’ll probably put it in today and wait until then :))

    Liked by 5 people

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