hey, i’m evin! welcome to my lil’ corner of the blogosphere. i write about my life, books, music, movies, reviews and so much more. 💗

You could define me as an introverted/ambivert teen who loves reading books, music, over-sized clothes, dogs, Netflix and making new friends. I started my blog to share my interests and to connect with like-minded people! hop on over to my about page for more about me!


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31 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Evin! I saw your “about” section and couldn’t believe that you’re just twelve!! Is that true? coz ur blog seems to be so professional and cool! Well, I’m fourteen, and have my own blog like you :


    Well, I also liked how you are designing graphics for others for free- YOU’RE AMAZING Evin!!! But how do you manage between school and blogging? I mean you are doing graphic designing, blogging, and studying at the same time??

    PS: I came here through Gunneka’s Blog (you placed a comment in her post, ‘my fav teen bloggers’)

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    1. Hi!! Yes, I’m only 12. Aw..Thank you soooo much!! That really means a lot! 😀
      I’ll check out your blog too!

      Thank you!! I have a schedule for blogging, that really helps. I only take designing orders on the weekends, when I don’t have school 😉

      That’s great! Thanks for coming!!

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  2. Hi
    you have more followers than that sucko middle mary who’s been blogging for two years
    why haven’t you roasted her about it? i would.
    also you should stop designing your images are totally bad… mary’s are too soooo


    1. Hey, Pff, does it matter how long the blogging or the followers? She’s not some chicken that Evin would roast. You would? Then do so, why are you talking about it to Evin? I can say from my vision that both of them have beautiful and amazing blog in their own ways. Oh dear, are her designs that fabulous that your jealously level broke the scale? Anyway, why’d you waste your time on commenting on a blog you don’t like? Please clean your keyboard because it’s spreading the poison nobody wants to read all over it because only if somebody’d care about your opinion.
      I’ll finish your sentence: So…somebody left the bag of idiots open!😘😏

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    2. First of all, Mary is an amazing blogger. You have NO right to call her a “sucko” HAVE you even read our blogs? It looks like you just go to blogs, look at the followers and write hate comments that make NO sense. Why would I roast her about it? That’s just mean. Besides, Mary is one of THE sweetest people I’ve met on here, and she’s my friend.
      I’ll decide if I want to stop designing, thank you.🙂

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    3. What’s your problem? Ooooo I know what it is you jealous!! Evin and Mary are my very good friends so if your gonna mess with them you mess with me too!! Yeah like Evin said do you even read blogs?? Or are you just full of hate? Come over to my blog I’m sure their are plenty of things you’ll hate. We’ll have a nice talk about it. Maybe I can teach you a lesson. Why do you have to be so hateful. And why do you think anybody cares what you say? Nobody cares they all know your just spewing hate. Why don’t you be nice for a change? You don’t even know these people if you knew them you would regret everything you just said. Their the sweetest people I know including Srisha. Quit being so mean

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  3. Hello Evin! I am Tanuj Rathi, who is a great fan of your blogs. I would like you to participate in this Mystery Blogger Awards! Here’s the link- https://words-of-wonder.wixsite.com/thewow/post/nominated-for-mystery-blogger-awards-the-wow
    I would really appreciate it if you would participate. Again, I am a great fan of your writings.

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