mid-year freak out book tag 2022

hii, everyone!🌻 it’s been a while since i’ve actually written a blog post, and i’ve been procrastinating writing one for a while. i literally have close to no time to blog – you can blame school and the weekly tests for that. *let us just ignore the 2 months of summer break i had and chose to not do anything productive😗*

sooo, today i’m doing a book tag!!

1. best book you’ve read so far in 2022?

ah, that’s a hard one, since i’ve rated quite a lot of books 5 stars⭐️but i think i’m going to go with these three books. the book thief, it was truly the most beautiful book i read🥺🍂 – loved the writing, and i’m planning on re-reading it soon! not my problem, the most humorous book i read, and i do love a good book that makes me laugh😄 – it’s also got the best characters! and fangirl, the book that got me into reading. so it definitely deserves a mention😉

2. best sequel you’ve read so far in 2022?

okay, i find it hard to commit to a series, so i mostly stick to reading stand-alone books..but from the few series i have read, my favorites were good girl, bad blood from the AGGGTM series and catching fire from the hunger games trilogy. *still procrastinating on reading the third book*👀

3. most anticipated release for the second half of 2022?

i’m not really up to date with new releases. but i cannot wait for the sequel to the family upstairs since i loved the book so much!! it’s one of my favorite fast paced mystery/thrillers. and the final book to the inheritance games trilogy -i forgor what happened in the last two books💀, but i’m still excited for the third one to be released.

4. biggest disappointment?

ooh, i have a number of books i disliked. let’s start with we were liars, which is completely over-hyped. the plot holes, the annoying writing style, and honestly, what even is this book about?😬 is it..about romance? or about a broken family, and secrets within? or just about a group of friends- i don’t even remember.

solitaire by alice oseman, i hated just as much as we were liars. it seemed interesting at the beginning, and again, what even is this book about? a mentally unstable teenager complaining about her life and her obsession with diet lemonade?🙂 other honorable mentions: we are okay & not here to be liked, i wasn’t into reading these at all, so i mostly skim read a few chapters.

5. biggest surprise?

the rumour game, i buddy-read with roshni *which was a lot of fun!!*😌 i knew i was going to like this book, but it surprised me how much i was invested in this story & how underrated this is..the hate u give: a very different book from what i normally read, but i absolutely loved it! long way down: first book written in-verse i read, and it was so thought provoking. 😯

6. book that made you cry?

i have a few answers for this question, starting with the book thief again. i knew what was going to happen, but it was still extremely sad. you’ve reached sam – i remember me kind of disliking this book, but the ending got me crying anyway- and can we talk about the cover? it’s gorgeous.💓 they both die at the end for obvious reasons. the fault in our stars – i didn’t actually cry, but i wanted to💀 the tears just didn’t come-

7. book that made you happy?

looking through all the books i read, i realized there are close to zero happy books. what- maybe that should be a new reading goal, to read more happy books. *writes it down* um, so we’re going with the getaway, from diary of a wimpy kid, it was really funny and it felt nice to be reading from this series again.😇 the upside of falling was a really cute book full of fluff (except for that one part where the mc literally throws her books in a lake and destroys them), and not my problem again.

8. Favorite book to movie adaptation you’ve seen so far this year?

👏HEARTSTOPPER👏 this series owns my heart. the characters are a gem, and i just loved this adaptation so so so so so much. everything was just as how i’d imagined while reading the books, and read my whole review about the books and the show here!

9. newest favourite author?

see, i don’t really have a favourite author or have a read a lot books by the same author, unless it’s a series or such..but i’ll go with lisa jewell, holly jackson and adam silvera? i love their writing, and how captivating it is, and would definitely want to read more by them.

10. favorite review you’ve written this year?

these three are the only ones i’ve written this year, but i’m planning on writing more! out of these three, my favourite is probably the heartstopper review. definitely check all three of these out, they’re all spoiler free! and i have another book reviews + recommendations post in my drafts so stay tuned✌️

thank you so much for reading!! it’s surprising how long it took for me to write this post. take a guess in the comments🤣 and let me know if you’ve read any of the books i mentioned, and your thoughts about them? ❤ have a lovely day and i’ll see you next time!!

24 thoughts on “mid-year freak out book tag 2022

  1. I LOVEEEE Good Girl Bad Blood! I think the ending is really good for it. haha i don’t like committing to a series either, so i’ve been putting off reading the Hunger Games series. is it good? also, i loved We Were Liars! the writing style is definitely unique, but i think that’s because we’re learning things quite slowly and at the same pace as Cadence. for me, when the text broke up into chunks was really symbolic, because it’s fractured, like her memory! They Both Die At The End is soooo sad. I loved it though. i thought the Heartstopper series was great too! i hope they do another season. also, have you seen The Summer I Turned Pretty? it’s a book and a movie, and I really want to read/watch it. i loveee your book reviews, your taste is ✨immaculate!✨ i would love to see more. can i do this tag on my blog? i’ll credit you since i found it here:)

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    1. same! the ending left me..shocked. mostly because of how beautiful the writing was..
      yes, absolutely. i read the third book just a couple days ago and i’m definitely not over it. i kind of want to re-read the whole trilogy now.. xD
      hey, that’s a great way of looking at it. maybe i should try re-reading we-were-liars.
      yes, we’re getting 2 more seasons of heartstopper over the next few years! 😀
      nope, i have no free time now 😦 but i’ve heard so many things abt it~ and spoiled a lot of parts for myself, which i always do and it sucks.
      of course! i would love to read your answers ❤

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      1. I saw your update on GoodReads about it! lol I might start reading it but I’m not sure 😂😅 yep, i saw a review where it said to ‘not judge the book by how it’s written because there’s a deeper meaning’ and it then proceeded to explain (without spoilers) all the stuff i told you:) yay! aww, that’s sad. i haven’t watched it because i’m determined to read the books first 😆 lol i do that too.
        yay! i can’t wait xD

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  2. I’ve read several of the books you mentioned. And let me say first, The Book Thief is my favorite book–ever–too. I liked Fangirl, but not as much as you did. Catching Fire was my favorite in the Hunger Games series, and I was very disappointed in the third book. It was more strategy and reminded me of a video game instead of a story. The Hate You Give and The Fault in Our Stars were both good, and there were other John Greens I liked more than TFIOS. I don’t write about books I don’t like, so take your pick at
    I can’t believe the year is half gone!


    1. oh, that’s great! yes, me too. catching fire was amazing, but was mostly just boring.
      oh, yes – john green is an amazing author, i definitely want to read more of his books.
      yep, i’ll check it out!
      oh, me neither!

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  3. I loved We Were Liars! It’s a book about grief and how one traumatic experience can shape your whole life. In this case it was her memory. The writing style is a bit hard to grasp but it’s an incredible book. I’m just starting the series of A Good Girls Guide to Murder and so far I’m hooked! I hope to finish the series soon. As always I love your recommendations and post!


  4. NOT MY PROBLEM AND THE BOOK THIEF YESSS 😭😭😭 THEYRE BOTH AMAZING!!! and ahhh catching fire is amazing as well, I hated mockingjay though 😭
    Loved this!!💖


  5. wow you’ve read so many books this year! I have so much time to read now but I’m too lazy to and it’s so annoying lol 😭 I loved reading the post though it gave me ideas of new books to read (when I finally get around to finishing the ones i have oops).


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