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The summer blog contests are back! // Sign-ups + first prompt

It’s the first day of summer and if you’re looking to do fun activities, and boredom busters – well you’ve come to the perfect place! Maggie and I have put together 4 creative prompts, to keep you busy throughout the month of June-July!

And they include writing, crafting, drawing and more! 🌻

We introduce you to…

….the second annual summer blog contests!

The first time the summer blog contests were held was in 2020! we didn’t get a chance to do it again in 2021, but we’re back now. I first hosted it with kaelyn, but this year, maggie’s the co-host :))

🍉Wanna know what all this is about? Read on to find out!🍉

What the summer blog contests are: They’re two contests hosted on 2 separate blogs – Mine and Maggie’s.

How to participate: Follow the creative prompts posted every Tuesday until the 12th of July and email your entries to!

What are the contests?: There are 2! Art + Writing. Maggie’s hosting the Summer of Stories which includes writing poems, short stories etc. I’m hosting the Avenue of Art ~ Drawing, painting, crafting and more! (digital art isn’t counted, sorry)

Goal: Do fun activities + get your creative juices flowing this summer!

To Win: Get the maximum number of points by doing the challenges + following all the rules! (which you will know about in a minute.)

There are a total of 4 tasks/prompts! You may or may not do all of them – but the more you do, the more points you earn!😜

  1. Bloggers aged 10 through 20 can participate
  2. You’ll have to share your email address, since that’s how you’ll be sending your entries. But the email won’t be shared, it’ll stay private.
  3. Make sure you stay within the word count limit mentioned if you’re participating in the Summer of Stories
  4. Each task is worth 5 points, some may be worth 10. if you follow all the rules, you get an additional +5 points.
  5. Every week, Maggie and I pick our favourite submission as Judge’s Pick and they get an extra +3 points
  6. You cannot send in more than one submission unless there are 2 challenges/prompts that week.
  7. Do not copy other’s work, you can be inspired but take your own spin on it!
  8. No matter what place you get in the contest, don’t be mad at others
  9. and most importantly, have fun! that is the objective of this contest!

🌸Answering FAQs🌸

  • When do the contests start and end?
  • They start today (21st June), and the last prompt will be posted on the 12th of July!
  • Can I sign up for both contests?
  • Yes!
  • How are winners picked?
  • Whoever has completed most of the tasks, followed all the rules and has earned the most amount of points is declared as the winner!
  • How many winners are picked?
  • 3 from each contest! There are 6 winners in total. and three age groups – one winner is picked from each age group for each contests – The highest scorer from each group will place!
  • How much time will I have to send in my entry?
  • You will have a week from when the challenge is posted! Once you’re done, email us at: Prompts will be posted every Tuesday for a month
  • Can I participate even though I don’t have a blog?
  • The answer is yes! all we need is your email😀
  • Do I have to keep track of my points?
  • Nope, you don’t have to worry about that – we’ll be keeping track of your scores!

There are 3 age groups you can be in!

10 – 13: Group A

14 – 16: Group B

17 – 20 : Group C


Winners will be announced a week after the last prompt (12th July) is posted – on the 19th of July.
Here are the prizes you could win in the avenue of art. To see the prizes for summer of stories, read Maggie’s post:

  • All participants get an honorable mention in the winners’ announcement post!🏆
  • All 6 winners will get badges to display on their blog with their name on it! 🏆
  • Third place gets free wallpapers + printable bookmarks + a shoutout! 🥉
  • Second place gets a blog spotlight on my blog + a shoutout 🥈
  • First place gets a customized digital portrait from @Featherlightz blog designz (worth $4)🥇

So, what are you guys waiting for? sign up now! Sign-ups will be closed in a week, so make sure you do it before the 28th of June💛

Well, I guess that is everything you need to know!! Ready for the first prompt?😜👏

This is the first weekly challenge for the Avenue of Art! (You can see the first challenge for Summer of Stories at Maggie’s blog.) This week’s prompt is worth 5 points. Remember that you can earn an additional +5 points if you follow all the rules!

🎨Incorporate the colors of summer into a finger painting🎨

Email your submission to before the 28th of June

So, get your artsy, creative minds flowing😂✨ and make an awesome finger painting! (If we find that you’ve used an image from the web as your entry, you will be disqualified)

I have always loved doing finger paintings because they don’t have to perfect – and every painting is unique to it’s true self! It’s fun & easy, and the end result is so prettyy!😍

Thank you SO much for reading! I spent a lot of time on this post, so I’d really appreciate if you could reblog this to spread the word!💗 I’m really excited for this contest, if you’d like to read last year’s posts, visit this link!

Let’s Talk!

Are you planning on signing up? Did you participate last year? I’ll see you guys next time, have a great day!💜

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46 thoughts on “The summer blog contests are back! // Sign-ups + first prompt

  1. Oh my goodness this looks so fun! Unfortunately I’m too busy over the next few weeks so I can’t participate. 😥 Do you know if you’ll be doing a fall or winter edition or something of the sorts?

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  2. Hmmm…can we be creative with this? Like if we don’t have access to finger paint could we use markers to draw an actual finger? (I’m just trying to figure out how I can make this work here haha…

    Hoping I get to participate this and it looks so excited!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, Id really want to be a part of the writing contest but is there any way I could do it wkthout sharing my email? Like could I just send it through the contact forms on your blogs or smth?

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