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midnights🌃 – taylor swift {album review}


i hope you’re all having a great day!! i certainly am, ’cause i’ve been listening to the new album by taylor swift – midnights all day. and that’s been the highlight of my day!!😄 and honestly – i’m soo impressed, i love all the songs and it’s a no-skip album.

2022, has been an AMAZING year music-wise. harry styles, conan gray, 5 seconds of summer, omar rudberg, louis tomlinson, sabrina carpenter and of course, t.swift all have released new music, and it’s all been so EXCITING.💖 here are my thoughts on the album, midnights. i’ve been looking forward to this ever since the announcement, and i can’t process the fact that it’s actually here?!😵

lavender haze

“meet me at midnight”

this song is so catchy! and it’s perfect for the beginning of the album. especially the lyric ‘meet me at midnight”🌙 i love the background vocals and the synth beats. it’s upbeat, and has sort of a harry styles vibe? i already knew this was going to be one of my favorites, and it’s only the first song!


And I chose you // The one I was dancing with In New York, no shoes

okay i love how she often uses colors to express her emotion, like in red and now this?? it’s soo beautiful. it’s a song about a break-up – i think this song goes along with dress, or maybe even the moment i knew. another thing is that it’s gloomy, dark but also dreamy at the same time. the bridge is probably my favourite part!


It’s me, hi // I’m the problem, it’s me

this song is an absolute bop. i’ve had it stuck in my head all day, the lyrics are so clever and the music video is really creative!! it’s a song about insecurities, and self-awareness. i think that’s a great concept of a song and that’s what makes it so unique! “I’ll stare directly at the sun, but never in the mirror”

snow on the beach ft. lana del ray

“Stars by the pocketful // You wanting me, Tonight feels impossible

this song, i was particularity looking forward to hearing because it’s a collab with lana del ray! and i LOVE her music. and i was kind of disappointed because lana’s vocals were only in the background and i was expecting a verse, at least. but that doesn’t take away the fact that the song is still so hauntingly beautiful, and the background vocals sound so ethereal.

you’re on your own, kid

“Everything you lose is a step you take // You’ve got no reason to be afraid”

this song, it’s so comforting and empowering. it starts off a bit sad but it feels like it has a happy ending, offering reassurance. i always love songs like these and this one is just so good! not to mention the instrumental break in between, then the bridge! ahh~

midnight rain

“He was sunshine, I was midnight rain”

the pitched down, electronic-like vocals sound so great with this song and makes it stand out~it fits the ‘midnight’ vibe so well and i love it! from the lyrics, this song is about two people who are the complete opposites of each other. it ends up being a forgotten relationship towards the end. “i was chasing that fame, he stayed the same”


Got swept away in the grey // I just may like to have a conversation

this song is about seeking clarity, and out of the woods was sampled in this song!! which just goes along so well with it. overall, it’s a great song and it’s a lot like how you get the girl from 1989. and the whole album seems to be a mix of reputation & 1989!

vigilante [ ]

“don’t get sad, get even”

first off, i LOVE THE REPUTATION VIBES. and this song just sounds so dark, powerful, and you know, vengeful. i especially love the parts “i don’t dress for friends, lately I’ve been dressing’ for revenge” and the chorus, ahhh it’s unreal, just perfect. i love it.


And I miss you, But I miss sparkling”

i love how catchy and upbeat this is, and the whole aesthetic of this song is just so beautiful~ it’s a fun, upbeat song and that’s what makes it one of my favorites. it’s quite underrated, and deserves more attention :))


” I thought the plane was goin’ down, How’d you turn it right around?”

this song, it’s so deep and dreamy and mesmerizing. it’s about finding comfort and hope in someone, and falling in love, even when you’re so broken, and wonder how that happened. the repetition of “oh no, i’m falling in love” all throughout also adds to the song!


Karma’s a relaxing thought, Aren’t you envious that for you it’s not?

okay – this song takes the concept of karma as in a positive way (like justice), rather than a way of revenge. this song was expected to be dark, like look what you made me do which is also about karma. but i love that this song is mostly a happy song :)) besides the lyrics, it’s just a catchy song overall and it’s probably my favourite one. (i feel like i’m saying that for every song. oops.)

sweet nothing

They said the end is coming, Everyone’s up to something // I find myself running home to your sweet nothings”

this has got to be the sweetest song on midnights, it’s so chill,calming and the soft piano beats.. i guess one way to describe this song would be delicate, and heartwarming.


Just like clockwork, The dominoes cascaded in a line // What if I told you I’m a mastermind?

from “i hate accidents except when we went from friends to this” to “what if i told you none of it was accidental, it was by design”.👌 but, i wouldn’t say this is something i would listen to on repeat though.

all of the bonus tracks are beyond.. amazing.🙌♥️ but if i had to choose though, my favorites would be the great war and high infidelity. and glitch~

overall, i think this might be my favorite album of taylor swift, it’s just so incredible, and the vibes are ✨️immaculate. ✨️ especially that there some of these songs seem like a mix of her previous albums.

and, another thing. one of my blogging friends, geet started an instagram account!💜 so, make sur to check it out and follow her @euphoriaforutopiaa.

thank you so much for reading! let me know your thoughts on the album.


27 thoughts on “midnights🌃 – taylor swift {album review}

  1. it’s such a good album omg 😭😭
    i also love how they all sound like they could be from other albums, like vault tracks just made into a whole album<3 i loved reading your thoughts!


  2. I’ve been listening to the songs literally all the time, I love them so much now- 😌
    I was incredibly disappointed about Snow On The Beach too, I mean you can barely hear Lana at all?? 😭 honestly it’s probably still on my top three though-
    anyway which are your top three from the main tracks?? I still don’t know about my own, maybe Snow on The Beach, Anti-hero, and Lavender Haze.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. same, im pretty much obsessed with all the tracks💀👍
      ahh, yeah. but i guess it definitely gives off vibes of Lana del Ray.
      Ah, that’s hard.
      I really really like karma, vigilante shit and ….midnight rain. but honestly, would’ve could’ve should’ve is amazing. it should’ve been on the main album..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The album is so amazing… i literally don’t have a favourite as their so catchy and amazing in their own way

    P.S i just relaunched my blog and i was hoping if you could check it out Thank you in advance ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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