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A day in the life of… Guest post swap Ft. Lrose5 😛. TLWOF , Day 2.!!

hi! Today , the second day of TLWOF, I’m going to be doing a guest post swap with Lrose! We have been planning this for a week now, and here it is!

Also,before that, here’s a random puppy that says hi. I’m gonna name him…. Alfie! (don’t forget to say hi to Alfie in the comments, he doesn’t like it when he’s forgotten 🐕💕)

Now without further ado, Over to Lrose😜

Hi guys!! I’m super excited because Evin asked me if we could do a guest post swap! Thanks so much for asking me!!! EmojiEmojiEmoji You have a totally awesome blog, Evin! Today I will be posting about a day in the life. Ready? Let’s get started!!
A Day in the Life of…. Me!!! EmojiEmojiEmojiOk so, every day is a little different for me. I am posting an average day for me. Ready to join my day? Let’s go!


7:00 I wake up and I get my baby sister up and play with her.7:30 I do 30 minutes of blogging/ emailing.

8:00 I eat breakfast-toast!! Then, mom does school with me.

8:30 We do morning time-school for all the kids.9:30 I go and do some schoolwork and get the mail.10:00 Reply to letters (if I get anyEmoji).10:30 Play outside.

11:30 Do more schoolwork. 12:30 Eat lunch.

1:30 Finish up school (If I have any). If not, I play with my baby sister!

3:00 Do 30 more minutes of blogging/ emailing. 

3:30 Watch part of a movie with my sisters.

4:00 My dad gets home and we clean some or play outside.5:30 We eat dinner.6:30 My baby sister goes down for bed.

7:00 We have family time-watch a movie or play games.8:30 We go to bed- read.

9:30-10:00 I fall asleep.Thanks again, Evin, for asking to do this with me! Bye y’all!!!

Wow! This was a lot of fun! Hope you enjoyed reading!

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