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october aesthetics🍂 ~ playlist + book/movie recommendations

hii everyone!! welcome or welcome back to a curly sue's ramblings.🪄 i know i've been quite inconsistent in posting, but i've finally got a break from school and have time to write for my blogs. i do have a ton of homework, but i've decided not to do that because it's a waste of time.🤷‍♀️… Continue reading october aesthetics🍂 ~ playlist + book/movie recommendations

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{avenue of art}🍧 week 3 review+ last prompt!

hi, everyone! how's your week been? mine's been okay. i had a little more free time than usual, and i've been listening to music for about...well, let's just say an unhealthy amount of time everyday.🤣 it makes doing school work a little less boring. an announcement: one of my friends IRL started a blog!! make… Continue reading {avenue of art}🍧 week 3 review+ last prompt!