Featherlights Blog Designz.🔅

Here are the reviews AND designz of fellow bloggers who got help from Featherlights 😉

I’ve helped with 30 blogs so far.. (not all displayed here) note that I remove reviews if the designs are changed.

Catie, sign-off

This is what she thought of it! : “The design was exactly what I was looking for, and Evin did a great job on making my dreams a reality. ❤

Rae, powerful women readers: Sign-offs.

The review:

“Evin recently designed three sign-offs for my blog. Actually, they feature my name, a short one, fortunately, and the only instructions I gave her were “feature my name, hmmmm, and maybe use butterflies and/or flowers, or something pretty.” These were the results.
Actually, I like them all so much, I couldn’t pick a favorite!
I am one totally satisfied customer and a number 1 cheerleader for this talented, gifted, sweet young lady. You can’t go wrong using her designing services.
Rae Longest
University professor
Blogger and book lover”

Kupsocreative🌈: Blog button.

Her review;

“Evin was fast to answer, with two options that looked amazing. I asked for one change and she had it in my inbox within ten minutes. It looks AMAZING!! She did AWESOME!!”

Aaliya, whole blog design. (Aaliya’s nook)

(Header, divider, sign-offs and a blog button.)

What Aaliya said:

“All thanks to Evin my blog looks so much more charming. She made me a separator, blog button, header and a sign-off which were lit!!! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!”

Maeflower, Sign-off.


Y’all I absolutely love this sign off! She did absolutely amazing, so much better than what I had in mind! Evin puts a lot of work into her creations and I really appreciate it. Plus, she does it all out of the kindness of her heart and does everything for free.”

Diya, header + Blog button

What she thought:

“The designs that Evin made were awesome! I asked for a header and a blog button and I loved both of them! They fit my theme perfectly! Thanks a bunch Evin! “

Asmi, Header image


Evin was amazhang!!!She gave me the designs after like 30 minutes of the order, and I had my header image in no time. She’s awesome at graphics!!!!! She also suggested what I use for my background, which is really helpful!!!!I recommend her!!

Krisha, Blog button. and Blog button + sign-offs for her other blog

“I had no idea what my blog button would look wanted but Evin made wonderful designs! highly recommend Evin’s designs… Beautiful blog button and sing off. Evin is a really good friend and helps a lot! She doesn’t take much time to design anything!”

Rachel, A bookworm’s paradise – blog button

“I wanted a blog button for my blog, so when I saw one of Evin’s posts about how she designs those along with other blog graphics, I decided to request her for one. Her response was so prompt and I got the perfect blog button for my blog within a day! All the designs she sent me looked absolutely stunning🤩 and it was so hard to choose! But I definitely LOVE the one that I selected, thank you Evin🥰”

Those are ALL the bloggers who got help from Featherlightz! be a part of this page by placing an order!!😜 thank you for the awesome reviews and your kind words ❤


34 thoughts on “Featherlights Blog Designz.🔅

    1. Hi Aanya!! I use Canva, and if you need some ideas for graphics, u can search for ‘summer’ ‘fruits’ ‘pink’ ‘scribbles’ ‘fun’ or something like that. I don’t use anything in specific 😝

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  1. Dear Evin, you are doing an amazing job!!! I came here from Aaliya’s blog by the name Aaliya’s nook. You did a beautiful work!! I just wanted to congratulate you on your creativity and kindness. Keep it up girl👌👌👌👌👌

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  2. Hi again! My parents said i could start a blog!! *cheers* I’m trying to set it up rn, i was wondering what homepage layout you use (Also i’m going to put an order in soon, i know you don’t do them till the weekends but i’ll probably put it in today and wait until then :))

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