Birthday Vlog Diaries!!! Part #2

YUP! I finally came up with something to call you! OREOS!! Coz I love them and all my blog readerss <3. You are now a honorary OREO! (This person finally figured out how to use GIFs in her posts) Hope you're having the best day ever so far!! (and now you're very happy that I... Continue Reading →

Birthday Vlog Diaries!!! Part #1

*I've written down every single detail from the night of the 13th of August, to the last hour of my 12th B'day XD MAH BIRTHDAYYYY!!!✨🎊🎉🤩 Its the 13th of August , 10:10 pm and I am SO excited for mah birthday!!! I'm gonna stay up till 12:00 am!! My sistah is our room, (making me... Continue Reading →

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