✰Tag Fest✰ Awards & tags I’ve put off for a long time~

Hi Oreos!! 💜 There are a lot of tags I've been wanting to do for over a MONTH now, and its time I FINALLY answer them😆😜 All of these tags have open nominations!! so feel free to do any of these, and pingback to this post!! Let's get to it!!😁 Uh oh. I don't remember... Continue Reading →

The Potter Craze Tag & The Talents Tag // Re-post – tags I’ve created

Hii everyone!! This is a repost of two tags I've created, feel free to do them if you want to!😁 The Potter Craze Tag This is a Harry Potter tag I created !! The RULES! Thank the potterhead who tagged you.pingback to the original post. (here)Display the logoanswer all of the questionsTalk about your fav... Continue Reading →

MORE Bookish Tags!📚

Today I'm doing more bookish tags, check out the first part here. Let's get into it!😜 1.The Bookish Blog Tag This is a tag from Aaliya's Blog and I was tagged (no, I wasn't.)! Thanks so much!! THE RULES: Make sure you thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.Answer... Continue Reading →

4 in one award post!

hey! This post has been lurking around in my drafts folder for a while now. It's time to publish it 😂 today I'm back with a 4 in one award post! The liebster award I was nominated by Amy! Thank you Amy for nominating me! that was so nice of you! RULES: Thank the person... Continue Reading →

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