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It's week one of WE DARE YOU TO BLOG - a blog competition hosted by me and Maggie, where bloggers compete against each other for the title of the most daring blogger!! Which means you'll be receiving your first dare prompt of the competition!! SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED! Thank you so much to everyone... Continue Reading →

Life with an Oreo : Updated

Hii Oreos!! Welcome or welcome back! Today I'll be doing part 2 of "Life with an Oreo". never thought I'd be making ANOTHER series, but hey - Oreo's growing real fast and here's an update! If you're new, this is where I share what life with my puppy, Oreo is like! grab some snacks, listen... Continue Reading →

cOlLaB wItH pOtTaHwAnD!!! πŸ€ͺ😜

**when this post was written, PottahWand had access as an editor. If you're reading it a while after, it says I'm the author of the post, because PottahWand doesn't have access anymore.** heeeeeeeeey oreos! itz NOT Evin!!! Yes. It's me, PottahWand, and I have successfully hacked into Evin's BLOG! MWHAHAHA! Nope, just kidding. This is... Continue Reading →

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