live while we’re young !!

here we are again, another post filled with midnight rambles (when i’m supposed to be asleep and it’s a school night) so my one direction phase is never-ending. you probably know that by now.😃 although i will say, i make wayyy fewer 1D references than i used to.

anyway i don’t have much to say here so~

see i have a playlist for literally e v e r y t h i n g

we all spend so much time worrying about our future, and what lies ahead that we tend to forget to live in the moment, and acknowledge the present. It’s important to prioritize the needs of the present, rather than focusing on what may or may not happen in the future.

I mean, you only live once! It’s cliche but it’s also true. So, do what you feel like doing, try not to stress too much (that’s easier said than done), get out of your comfort zone – try something new, get back into an old hobby, reconnect with old friends, spend time with your family, talk to more people, go scuba-diving, or paragliding (something adventurous), tell your crush you like them, what not!
💗be appreciative, and kind towards others.

because, you will never be younger than you are right now. and as Lord Henry (a character i hate, but he is very wise and has quotable lines) from the picture of dorian gray said, “youth is the only thing worth having.” it might not be the ONLY thing, but it is extremely precious, isn’t it? why not make it a memorable thing to reminisce, and to look back on when you’re older?

so, save money, go on that world tour (literally anything you’ve always wanted to do), hang out with friends more, experience the world outside of a screen (i will have to take my own advice).
because one day you’ll be wishing that you could’ve done all that you wanted to do when you could, when you were younger, healthier, and regret is a strong, awful feeling. now that’s something you don’t want to experience. but, acknowledge your mistakes. they are what you learn from, they play an instrumental role in your growth too.

the best days of your school/college days are not spent within the walls of your room, studying. of course, studying is important – but also remember to let loose and have fun too! having a good balance is always great. 😆👍 sign up for activities, volunteer for events, and participate in performances, etc. there’s no time like the present.

one thing that holds us back, is worrying about what others think of us.🫣 not caring about others opinions about us, is the key to confidence. people are opinionated by nature, and you can’t change that. what you CAN do, is ignoring that – having self-respect, minding your own business and being respectful towards others is all you need to do.

changes are inevitable, they’re bound to happen in one way or the other. so, it’s probably best not to get too comfortable in ..your comfort zone. in fact, it’s best to be comfortable with changing and adapt to it! where you are right now is going to be completely different in, let’s say 5 or 10 years. so don’t worry too much and enjoy the little things!

the thing is, everything fades away – nothing’s permanent. beauty, youth, wealth, and health, especially. so, really, all we have is NOW.

thank you so much for reading! it feels so nice to spend time blogging again after all these exams. :)) i’ll see you again soon! bye x


23 thoughts on “live while we’re young !!

  1. i love that you’ve been thinking about this as well<3 i keep realising how much i've been thinking about the future – like what test score i'm going to get instead of just focusing on the test at hand. it feels kind of frightening growing up, but i'm also really excited for the new opportunites the future will bring! i'm always scared that i'm 'wasting' my time and that i'll regret not doing 'more' later, and i think this post was just what i needed to kind of give me some perspective<3 thank you so much for sharing! also your photos are ✨stunning✨

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    1. ❤ yes, exactly!! we spend too much thinking abt those things and forget about what else really matters.
      that is true! there's two sides to growing up. also, yeah, i feel that way sometimes too.
      i'm so glad to hear that!! <33 thank you.

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  2. This was a great post!! But yeah, like you said, this sort of stuff is easier said than done. Especially when you don’t have many friends…heh…
    I loved seeing you post again! And I’ve recently gotten more into 1D; they have some great songs.

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    1. hi, charlie! that’s alright.
      l probably won’t be doing it on my blog (I’m going into 10th grade so I’d have to focus more on school), but you could ask Maggie! since she was a co-host last time as well.

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  3. Wow! I hope your exams went well, Evin. This was a post I think all young people need to read. As we all tend to live in the future that we forget to actually live. And people are so occupied with social media these days they don’t actually have a social life and miss out on all the fun life has to offer. Wonderful post 💕


      1. aw, yeah. I know I shouldn’t care this much about marks and stuff but I still do…
        I’m sorry you relate 😕💕 but now I think it’s best just to not expect anything xD

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      2. Yes, that’s true 😅. Recently getting low marks after expecting good grades had actually harmed my happiness but now I don’t expect anything and let things unravel their own unique way 💕 And now when someone asks how much marks I hope to score I answer with a ‘I don’t know’ 🫣 xD


  4. Hey Evin!
    This was such a beautiful post and a needed reminder for me. Plus all the pics you used were so aesthetic!✨ I’m going to 10th grade as well and this post resonated with me so much. (and yes, after reading it, went to hear the song) 🙂

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    1. hi niv!
      aw, thank you – i’m really happy to hear that🥰
      oh, that’s cool! good luck for 10th grade. my first day of school is this Monday.. i don’t really know what to expect but just hoping it won’t be too stressful.
      thank you for reading :))

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  5. I just had my first day of 10th.(yep, April fool’s day). It was so boring, but we have better classrooms though. They gave the q paper pattern of boards lol. Dw, it’s going to be justt like 9th, ig, with more pressure.

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    1. they gave the boards pattern ALREADY? honestly, i really feel for 10th graders. (that’s us now lol) it’s brutal..
      well it’s good that you have better classrooms.. pretty sure we’ll have the same classroom as last time. :/

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