reviewing my goals {’22} // happy new year!🥳

i’m writing this post at midnight, on the 25th of december ~ while listening to AM by one direction. so, merry christmas everyone!! although by the time this is posted, it’ll be days after christmas.🎄 oh hi, i’m back. it is now new year’s eve, and i just got back from an awesome trip! read about it on my travel blog.

i didn’t have the time to do a redesign for the holiday season, so here’s the header image i usually use during this season. so, at the beginning of this year, i made a post writing about the goals i wanted to accomplish this year. and, i’ll be reviewing them today! (a.k.a seeing how badly i did on keeping up each of them – wait where’s the optimism)🤨

: ̗̀➛ school goals

be at the top of my class✔️ – yess, i achieved this goal a number of times! i came first in my grade thrice this year. my grades have improved a lot.

♡ take notes regularly✔️yep, i did do this but not that consistently. now, i don’t really bother about my notes being “aesthetic”. they just have to look neat and be helpful for studying.

spend more time learning, rather than studying✔️ – i guess? i definitely used a lot of different study methods for exams this year and sometimes, studying didn’t feel like a burden to me. sometimes.

get over 90% in all my exams✔️ – yes, the highest score i got so far was 97.50% (total mark) and in individual subjects too, i got over 95% mostly.

play a sport in school / be a part of a sports team✔️ – okay i actually didn’t expect i would fulfill this goal?? but i was in 3 sports teams – throwball, handball and kho-kho. i was a substitute in the first two matches, but it was still fun! and yes, i still play volleyball in school. it’s a lot of fun.

SO, it’s great that i achieved all my school goals! this has been a great academic year.

: ̗̀➛ self growth

read a lot of books & read before bed everyday❌ – well, i did read a lot this year (59 books) but i didn’t read before everyday. plus, i still failed my reading goal..

spend time with my dog (Oreo)✔️ – yep, definitely. oreo is too cute to ignore ;))

learn a new language❌ – i ..didn’t. i haven’t practiced learning spanish in so long and i didn’t make an effort for most of this year.

write in my journal on a regular basis✔️ – sort of? i wrote in my diary, and in my journal quite regularly, once in one or two weeks.

learn to play the guitar❌ – heh, i didn’t get my guitar fixed either. i like pretending to play a song on the guitar and sing along to it, when i’m really just strumming random strings.

i did pretty bad on these goals..but i’ll focus more on them in 2023.

: ̗̀➛ health & fitness

follow a steady workout routine❌- i do workouts whenever i feel like it, it could just be an impulse to finally start exercising more. i did try to learn some dance choreographies, just for fun. but i didn’t have a steady workout routine, just for like 4 days in january. but after that, nothing.

♡ try and eat healthier & drink a lot of water✔️ – well, i did drink a LOT of water but definitely didn’t eat healthier.

get 8 hours of sleep every night – i think i have a pretty okay sleep schedule.. but maybe i need to start sleeping early to actually wake up on time for school. the number of times i’ve missed the school bus, is um..well, a lot.

practice rollerskating✔️ yeah, i did for the most part.. but i lost my skating bag this month and i think someone might’ve taken it. (i lost it at school) and i’m really sad about it.. i really liked rollerskating and those wheels cost a lot. but, maybe i’ll get new ones..? 😦

: ̗̀➛socials & blogging

blog consistently✔️ – i did on the first half of 2022, then when exams started, i had no time or the motivation. but, i tried to catch up with posts during holidays so i guess that counts? i posted 42 times this year, including this. that’s quite low compared to the past couple years though.

interact with the blogging community & be updated with the reader✔️– well, whenever i had the time, i did, read posts and write comments but overall, not that much. i’ll try to stay more connected though.

practice graphic designing & digital illustrations✔️ – yes, i did that sometimes. i’ve not completely lost touch with it, so i guess that counts? you can get your own digital portrait made by me by visiting this page :))

upload videos on oreo’s youtube channel at least 2-3 times a month❌ – well, i uploaded 2 videos and 13 shorts on oreo’s channel . that’s..ok. but it definitely wasn’t 2-3 times a month, or that consistent. but, it was fun and some of the shorts got decent views, so i’m happy with that.

collab with bloggers often❌ – let’s see, i did 4 collabs throughout the entirety of this year. that’s not a lot.. but it was nice doing the collabs i did.

didn’t do that well on blogging goals.. but i tried. that counts for something, right?

hm, well, i did pretty okay on most of these goals. but i see some room for improvement in blogging and my food habits, and practicing my hobbies more often. to read a wrap up of this year, click here!

and with that, there goes the last post of 2022. thank you so much for reading, and happy new year! let me know what your plans for the coming year are. let’s talk in the comments! ❤


15 thoughts on “reviewing my goals {’22} // happy new year!🥳

  1. Hey, Evin! It’s been a while, I hope you’re doing fine.

    I enjoyed reading your post. So interesting.

    Although you didn’t achieve ALL your goals, roughly calculating, you achieved up to 50% of them.

    It helps when you write down goals. Even if you forget about them, your subconscious mind remembers, and directs your actions towards those goals.

    I know I sound like a self-help book😅 (and I actually did read about this point from one), but writing down yearly goals really works. I experienced same with my own goals for 2022. It really shocked me how much of them I achieved, without even consciously making the effort.

    Cheers to your achievements of 2022. Wish you the best of 2023. Happy new year, Evin.💖

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