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let’s discuss 2022 ~ a wrap up of the last couple months

hiii everyone! it’s been so long since i’ve sat down to write a post. i haven’t had ANY free time at all, thanks to school. and even during winter break, i have to study because i have my final exams right after school reopens.

but hey, it’s been a great year so far, let’s talk about it.

ahh i can’t believe how well this playlist fits with this post!! i listened to it while writing this post and it’d be cool if you played it while reading too 😉

academics-wise, it’s been an incredible year for me. i was basically failing maths in 8th grade but i’m one of the maths toppers now!😄 it all just takes practice and i was putting in no effort last year but that changed. (and i have really good grades in all subjects which i’m so happy with.) but, in the recent mock exams i feel like my grades have dropped. but i’ll do better in the final exams.

and, i’ve improved quite a lot with my social skills. i’ve made new friends, i talk to more people..quite frequently. like, i’ve had conversations with people who sit with me on the school bus (when i used to just look out the window..) and i volunteer for more activities and stuff, and it’s been great. and i feel more comfortable with public speaking, but i still have stage fright. but a little less than i used to😆joys and i went to this french competition this year and we had to do a display of objects from france – we had fun doing our part but the entirety of the competition was boring.. but it was fun going out of school.

and recently, we did a nativity skit for christmas and i was joseph (iniya was mary) and the rehearsals were SO awesome. i got yelled at for laughing when i wasn’t supposed to by the teacher directing the skit, but still – i loved being a part of it. and, one of my favourite times of the year – decorating our classroom. the end result was so pretty, and the process was so fun as well😌

we had a class change – girls and boys were put in separate classrooms. at first, it was ..well, horrible. i hated it. i missed my old classmates. but then, i got used to it, and well, i was still happy that all close friends were in the same class as me and i felt much more comfortable when it’s just girls. but, i still my old class a lot. but i guess it wasn’t all bad.

don’t even get me started on the music this year. SO MANY NEW RELEASES!! and i probably listened to the most music this year as compared with the past two years. (i’m listening to a new playlist i created – right now..) and i reviewed a couple albums this year as well. i also discovered a lot of new music. and developed an obsession with creating playlists on spotify.

and, my cousins and my aunt visited after 4 years, almost. and i had the best time with them!! i miss them a lot but hopefully we’ll be visiting them next year.💗there’s also been tough times this year. but i had my family and my friends who helped me get through it. :)) and time played a huge part in healing too.

it feels like i’ve had no time for my hobbies anymore (i still procrastinate though) and i can’t imagine 10th🤯…it’s a lot of pressure. i probably won’t even have time to catch a breath with all my teachers telling us how we’ll have exams everyday and won’t be included in any extra-curriculars or just any activities or events in general. this sucks.

speaking of extra-curriculars, i.. lost my skating bag at school. my friends and i have searched basically every room in the school, and i miss skating so much. someone most likely took the bag and that’s probably why we haven’t found it yet. i mean, i probably won’t have time to do skating from next year, still.. 🙁

based on reading, *cough* i failed my reading goal for this year. i mean, i don’t know what i expected with all these exams and the only things i’ve been reading are my textbooks. but, now that we have holidays – i’m reading ace of spades ~ it’s really good so far. i still have like, less than a week to catch up on my reading goal, so i have to read… 15 more books in 5 days. hah- 🤐

i’m thinking of getting a hair-cut this break, but i’m afraid i’ll end up hating it. like, the first time i got a hair-cut in 2016, i loved my short hair so much, i told my mom i wanted to get another hair-cut and ended up crying IN THE SALON because of how bad it looked. but eventually, the hair grew back. obviously. but, it’s been years and i think i might get my hair cut short… i don’t know??

i need to do a post reviewing my 2022 goals. i forgot about those hehe🫢 let me just take a quick look at that. oh wow, um – i don’t remember writing those goals at all. but i guess i did well on some of them. i haven’t thought about my goals for 2023, i can’t process that 2022 is over. it.. just feels like.. i don’t know how to explain it. maybe i don’t want things to be moving so fast.. like, i’ll be graduating from school in, what, 3 more years?

9th grade has been great. (apart from the times i felt burnt out) and it’s all thanks to my friends, teachers and classmates. it’s been a good year and i’m sad it coming to a close. but i’m excited to see what the next year holds.

let’s talk about the FIFA WORLD CUP!!⚽ gosh, i hate that it’s over. i’ve been a huge world cup fan since 2018, and this was one of the highlights this year. my favourite teams this year were croatia, argentina, france, japan, and brazil. i loved watching the matches, and the finals this year was one of the best yet. i was rooting for france, but i’m still quite happy with argentina’s win. since, it’s messi’s last world cup too. most of all, it was so fun watching the match with my family, and i can’t wait for the next world cup! one thing, the WC anthem for this year sucks. like, what- even..

right now, we’re taking care of a foster puppy. she’s a girl, and doesn’t have a name yet. and she looks JUST like how oreo looked when he was little! i’m so excited to be taking care of this puppy, but i’m afraid i’ll get too attached. and, oreo is going to turn 2 years old next year!! i can’t believe it’s been that long since we adopted him.

i’ve watched sooo many tv shows/movies this year on netflix, and other streaming platforms. the best ones were… outer banks, stranger things, young royals, wednesday, cobra kai, teen wolf – and i’m currently watching gilmore girls. oh, and i feel like getting my braces off this year played a big part in me being more confident. and that’s always a good thing. 😀

on traveling, i’ve been on a couple trips. i wrote about some of them on my travel blog, and some others – i still have to write so i’ll get that done this week. i went on a trip to bangalore with my mom, a trip to kerala with my parents, i traveled with my dad and oreo, and went on a camping trip in school, and i’m going on a trip this week with my dad and my sister. so, i’m looking forward to that!

overall, it’s been quite a memorable year for me. it’s all because of my family (including oreo), my friends. especially joys – who’s always been there for me, and i always love laughing at our inside jokes., iniya – i can literally talk to you about anything, and you’re one of the most fun people ever. sana – you already know. , kamalikha – literally one of my closest friends ever, i can always rely on you~, raga – one of the coolest people ever. and anjana, dhanya, abisha, kavya, and all my classmates. you guys are the best.🫶), my cousin – sandy – you’re the best!! always so fun to hang out w/ you, listen to music, or just talk. AND my blog friends – (zee crazy clan) i could never forget you all, and i’m so grateful for every one of you. it’s all these people who made it worthwhile. 💜

thank you so much for reading! it’s almost 1 am – i better go sleep now.


16 thoughts on “let’s discuss 2022 ~ a wrap up of the last couple months

  1. Ahh it’s been so long since I’ve read a post of yours and this was a nice one to come back to. Congrats on getting your math grades up!! I struggle with math so maybe that should be my aim for next year 😭 I knowww, it’s so crazy to think about how soon you’re going to graduate. I avoid thinking about the fact that I have like less than two years left of school. Ignorance is bliss.
    Aside from that, happy new year in advance!! Hope you have an awesome year 😋❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh hiii hreem!!
      awe thank you x 🥰
      yeah, i actually also go to maths tuition so that’s helped a lot too :))
      oh for sure! it’s like, i want to get out of school and exams, homework and stuff but I’ll also miss school a lot.
      happy new year!! you too😄💖

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