school field trip {camp} ’22

hii everyone, today i’ll be writing about a camp that i went on, with my classmates at school! this took place during the 14th and 15th of october.🧡 now, this is going to be a really long post, so get comfy!😄 i couldn’t add any photos though, cause gadgets were not allowed. i was thinking of sneaking in a phone, but didn’t :((

i was really looking forward to this camp because i missed out on the previous field trip (i was sick). we were going to be staying one night at the hostel at the campus we were going to, so it was a two-day trip. well, this wasn’t technically a “camp” because it’s an event organized to learn values through activities, and a “personality development session”.

the first day, on the bus to the school, almost everyone was singing all way. (which was kind of.. well, annoying. and very loud😗🖖) but i guess that must’ve been fun for everyone who was singing, so. i just looked out the window and talked to joys and ate snacks.

we were going to be staying at this auditorium, where all the activities and games will be taking place. it was really fun at the start, with all the ice breaking activities. then, we had a questionnaire to answer, and it was mostly philosophical. (that took me an embarrassingly long time to spell-)

i’m just writing all this down the day we returned from the trip, so i don’t forget 🤣

then, we had our lunch break. the school lunch, it was okay. i got some rice and greens. then, after the break we had to learn this ‘camp song’ that the event organizer taught us, (which i just wish i could get out of my head-) one of the activities was: there were 8 teams, and every team was assigned one part of the body. like, if it was “eyes”, we’d have to wear a blindfold and do a task. ours was “legs” we had to tie our right leg, and climb up a flight of stairs, then back down. it was harder than i anticipated, but i still finished the task. 😵

next was musical chairs, which i’m actually, quite good at (or atleast thought i was) but i lost in the second round. it started raining heavily and so the bonfire was cancelled. it was something i was really looking forward to.😐🔫

i went for a small walk out in the rain, to the restroom but it turned out to be locked and i got wet for no purpose. i got in trouble for that, for going out without informing the teachers. (which isn’t even true because i DID do that) i mean, i did inform my teachers. not did go out in the rain without informing them? you know.

anyway, we went to the hostel next. it was smaller than i expected, and the rooms didn’t even have doors. like, it was just open (??) four of us, joys, raga, kamalika and i decided to stay in one room. we unpacked and got changed from our uniforms, mine was VERY wet. i wore a black Hogwarts t-shirt and tan-colored jeans. we had dinner, it was pretty good. and after that we watched the rain, from inside the cafeteria.

then, we had a couple more sessions of activities, we had to smell a sweet and guess the ingredients in it, and a hearing, seeing, and tasting activity similar to that. at last, we had a dance session with the lights turned off. which was AWESOME!! although i barely did any dancing at all.

we returned to the hostel, and got changed into night clothes. we visited other rooms, walked for a while, then ate our snacks, talked and it was a lot of fun 😁 i eventually fell asleep, and had a very strange dream- but i got a good night’s sleep. it got really cold during the night though. i was woken up quite early, against my will.😑 i took bath and got changed, and went around all the rooms again.

i packed my things, and we evacuated the hostel. we went for a walk outside, the climate was really nice. it’s a hilly region there, so the early morning climates are always quite nice. we took a bunch of group photos, went jogging, played a few games. there was a great view of the mountains. (hills??) from a small slope there, so that was really great. 💫😁 then, we finally went for breakfast. i had bread omelette – which was really good!!

i returned to the auditorium, and went for a walk around the grounds, while i waited for my friends. for the next activity, we had to list down unconventional uses of certain items assigned for each team, then act them out. our item was a bucket, and we did a pretty good job of acting them out and scored the most points for this game. then, we had a break.

we found this spot near a tennis court that was kind of like a ledge, and went there every time we had a break. or just walked around. after this, we had a group discussion – each group was given a topic on how we abuse/take care of the five senses organs and my group’s topic was how we take care of our skin. we came up with some points and each group took turns sharing their points. lunch break: for lunch we had biriyani, which was pretty good. i finished eating quickly and went to that place near the tennis court and just stayed there for a while.

after lunch, it was announced that there was going to be a math exam (that i signed up for, really wish i didn’t though) and we (everyone who had signed up) were really upset we had to miss the camp activities. but thankfully, the exam was postponed. but we still missed out on the sack race that took place while we were waiting to attend the exam, which didn’t take place that day.

we all got a balloon and tied it to our small toe, and the task was to protect it for 2 minutes. but as soon as the time started, everyone started bursting each other’s balloon, and mine popped because of how rocky the ground was.🙂 (i was doing a pretty decent job of protecting it but the ground had to ruin my chances of winning -)

sooooo even out of that game, there was a value. which was something about..not needing to destroy/ tear down other’s balloons just to keep ours safe. or something about minding our own business??🤨 anyway, we had a bunch of games and my team didn’t win in any of those, but we came third in one of those. it was still really fun though.

THEN, we did a trust fall. just watching another team do the demonstration made me extremely anxious, having a crippling fear of heights, i stupidly agreed to do the trust fall on my team. we were supposed to fall back from a ledge, while our teammates made a chain with their hands to catch us.

i almost didn’t fall correctly the first time, but i got the second time. after that, i wanted to do it again! it was really thrilling, and quite scary too, but it was … well, satisfying? in a way, you know, overcoming one of my fears. then, it was close to the end. some shared their experiences, feedback and then we boarded the bus.

iniya and i sat next to each other this time, and once we reached the place we were supposed to be picked up at, by our parents, we waited. raga and i played hand cricket (odd or even) meanwhile, and i lost badly.🌝 (i need to get better at that)

eventually, my dad was there to pick me up. and that was the end of the field trip/camp!! it was definitely memorable and i had an amazing time with my friends!!

soo that was it! i’m finishing up this post today, a month after i wrote this {12/11} and i have my exams starting monday. so i’ll be inactive here for a while. thank you so much for reading! 🌱💗


11 thoughts on “school field trip {camp} ’22

  1. ahhhh so glad you had so much fun!! i’m so sorry about the bonfire getting cancelled and the math test, BUT YAYY TO IT BEING A FABULOUS TIME OVERALL!! reading this was SO much fun and THE PHOTOS ARE STUNNING OK


    1. Yeah, it would’ve been awesome if we had it. But the rain made the climate a lot better the next morning 😀
      Ahh thank you so much! Most of the images are from google/Pinterest:))


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