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books i read in one sitting📚 ( ’cause i have no self control)

hii! welcome back to my blog. today’s post is something i’m very excited for – mini book reviews of books i read in one sitting! i wrote this post months ago, and here i am, finally publishing it~

i’ve added the book covers, a short summary and my thoughts for each of these. also, i don’t mean i read ALL these books in a single day, (that’s probably obvious but i just realized the title could be misleading.) like i read each of these books in one sitting when i read them. i hope that isn’t confusing-

YA contemporary, mystery/thriller

// fangirl by rainbow rowell – this is book that got me into reading, the first YA book i read, and the first book i read this year!😁 it’s about cath, a college student. she’s an introvert, unlike her twin sister, wren. it’s about cath’s college life, deals with family issues, and it’s a great book for fanfiction readers!

// not my problem by ciara smyth – my comfort book.🍂 the humor & sarcasm in this, is top notch. all the characters are amazing, and i just loved everything about this book! (especially kavi) there’s also a bit of rivals to lovers, but it isn’t the main focus of the book :))

// a good girl’s guide to murder by holly jacksonthis book is about a student who won’t give up till she finds the actual truth about a murder case that happned 5 years ago in her town, little kilton. the first mystery YA novel i read, i read the trilogy in 3 days. it was such an amazing series, and i would never stop recommending this book. read my full review here & here.

psychological thriller, mystery

// then she was gone by lisa jewell – this book got me out of a reading slump. i loved the writing, the descriptions. the plot was easy to follow – it’s fast paced.☁️ so this book is about a girl who goes missing, and her mom meets a guy – and his daughter has an uncanny resemblance to her daughter who went missing. secrets start to unfold after.

// I’m Thinking of Ending Things By Iain Reid – honestly – what even is this? i’m still confused. but yeah, i do recommend it. if you want to lose braincells. once you’ve read the book, go back and read only the italicized parts. it’ll make more sense.

// the silent patient by alex michaelidesalicia, a 35 year old woman – murders her husband and decides to never speak again. no one knows why. a psychotherapist, theo, is determined to get alicia to talk again. one of my favourite psychological thrillers, hands down. the plot twist is so amazing! it’s a quick read too. i think a movie adaptation of this would be AMAZING.✨

sci-fi, romance, mystery

// they both die at the end by adam silvera – one of the first books that made me cry. i love that it’s written in multiple POVs – which includes other characters other than mateo and rufus. their chemistry was so real – and it was a really cute book. it gets really sad towards the end though😕

// we were liars by e. lockhart – i kind of HATE this book. so why is this here? thing is, i did finish reading it in one sitting. it took me a while to process this book. it’s sad because i thought i would like this book, the synopsis was really intriguing🤧 but the plot twist really was unexpected. it’s got summery vibes. family secrets and romance- so if you’re into that sort of thing, i would recommend!

// one of us is lying by karen mcManus – ahh, ok. i love this book and all the characters, especially nate~😌 it’s about 5 students who walk into detention and only 4 walk out alive, so the book revolves around the bayview four trying to solve who killed simon, the kid who died. (or, was allegedly murdered) it has a huge plot twist! (which i predicted)

mystery, thriller, romance

// the inheritance games by jennifer lynn barnesa highschooler, avery is the inheritor of billions when this man – tobias hawthorne dies. she has to move in to his mansion where his four grandsons live – nash, grayson, xander, and jameson. but why exactly did she inherit so much, from someone she doesn’t even know? i loved the book, but it wasn’t as thrilling as i’d expected. still, it was really interesting! the sequel was kind of disappointing though..

// This is where it ends by Marieke Nijkampstudents are leaving to class after the morning assembly in the school auditorium. but the doors are locked. someone starts shooting. everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun. as many people disliked this book, i disagree. it was suspenseful and page turning.🖖

// She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen– such a cute book, it was the first book i read that’s solely romance. this book’s got everything – humour, short chapters, the fake dating trope, sapphic rivals to lovers, indian representation: what more do you need?😆

and those are my recommendations!! if you’ve read any of these books, i would love to talk about your thoughts on them in comments!! ❤ thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.


27 thoughts on “books i read in one sitting📚 ( ’cause i have no self control)

    1. Eeeeeeeek!
      Oh, I looove – a majority – of these book reviewsss!

      I’ve read Fangirl before. Early this year, actually, and it WAS a great read.

      I’m looking forward to reading:
      : Not My Problem.
      : The Silent Patient. (Sounds intriguing in a scary way, though. If you get 😳).
      : One of Us is Lying. (Sounds scary, too).
      QUESTION: Are She Drives Me Crazy and They Both Die in the End LGBTQ+ themed books?

      All these books are available on Goodreads, right?

      And also: Where’ve you been, Evin?! I’ve really missed seeing your posts on this space. I hope you’re doing okay.

      A great post as always! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. so glad to hear that!!

        yes, totally agree.
        ooh, those are some of my favourites!! the silent patient is a thrill, but i wouldnt say it was scary. same goes for one of us is lying.

        yes, those books have LGBTQ+ characters. :))

        yeah, but i like i said you can only view the reviews and synopsis on goodreads. they’re all available to download on z library.

        well, school’s taking most of my time and i just feel really tired to work on my blog, but I’ve been quite consistent in posting this month so I’m proud of that 😀
        im doing fine, how about you?💕

        thank you!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Okay. Well, since you’ve assured me that they aren’t scary, I’ll give them a read as soon as I can. 😄

        Oh, okay. I guessed so.

        Yeah, I guess you have. Just focus on school, that’s the most important thing for you now. Although you have people who miss you on this space, you can blog whenever you have extra time.

        I’m doing fine as well. Preparing to enter university by next year!!!

        You’re welcome as always. 🤗

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  1. Um, Evinnn. I tried to read a book on Goodreads, but there was a problem. Can you please help?

    In the book’s profile, I didn’t see any Read Now button or anything, apart from the drop-down with Read Later, Read, and the rest.

    So, please, how do I read a book on Goodreads?

    The book I actually tried reading is Eleanor and Park.

    Thanks. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh, this was the exact problem i faced.
      so basically, it’s not an app where you READ books, but review and rate them. it’s great for discovering new books and keeping track of the books you read.
      so, you can’t actually download and read books from Goodreads. it’s confusing at first, it definitely took me a while to figure out😆

      i would recommend z library for reading books, it’s awesome.


  2. I didn’t think you would read anything I’d read. (You are so much younger than me.) But I DID read ‘The Silent Patient’ and found it terrific with a surprise ending. Liked it very much.
    So glad you find pleasure in reading. I’ve been an avid reader since early childhood… Cheers, Muriel

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