a day out w/my friends💛ft. a sleepover + going to the cinema

events of days oct 6 and oct 7:

hii!! i hope you’re having a great day so far. a couple weeks ago, i went to the book fair and got only two books.. even though there were a lot of great offers, and i’ve been wanting to do a book haul too. so maybe i’ll write that post once i order more books later. 😄

today i’ll be writing about a fun day out i had with my friends, ft. kamalika, sana and abisha. i always love writing these kind of posts – so, here’s how it went!

so we went to tuition and didn’t do any studying, just talked and had a fun time (while i had my book open so it atleast looked like i was studying. but nobody believed that). we got snacks and took photos outside.

then, kamalika went home. abi and i were going to be staying over at sana’s house (for the first time!!) we talked, about a lot of stuff. (you know, people we like/dislike, our friends and the usual stuff. we somehow spent a lot of time talking about peppa pig-)🤣

then, texted and called our friends, put on face masks (which was awesome. and it looked really funny too.)😆, and played truth or dare. (which was mostly just truths) we also did a really funny prank on some of our friends, if i say what it is though (and someone from my school reads this) i’ll probably get in trouble.😗🤙 i said too much already. ANYWAY – i also helped clean out sana’s drawer cuz her room is so messy it was..hard to look at it.that took up around 20 mins but the result was worth it. but as i’m writing this a couple days after i cleaned it i’m pretty sure it’s back to being messy again.🥱

we stayed up till around 1 am talking. and this day was probably the hardest i’ve laughed in like, ever. because i had such a great time together. 💗

i slept pretty good, (and i apparently kicked sana a few times in my sleep) and we woke up at around 10:30 and had breakfast – i ate french toast and dosa. we watched a little bit of Frozen 2 – but until what i’ve watched so far, it’s quite boring. maybe i would’ve liked it if i watched it when i was little.🤷‍♀️

then, we went to my grandma’s house, which is literally across from sana’s. sana and abi were out on the swing while i watched an episode of cobra kai🐍 inside (it’s getting really interesting, and it’s probably my favourite netflix series as of now.) we then walked to my house, to get a change of clothes – we were going to the cinema today. we bought snacks while walking back. i took a shower and got changed and watched tv for a little while. i went back to sana’s house, and we listened to music there.

i waited while sana and abi got ready, and when they finally did, we went to the mall,(i wouldn’t even consider it a mall) where kamalika had been waiting. there, we went in the horror house. i didn’t really want to go, but everyone else was going, so i did too. ( peer pressure at its finest huh)

the effects were.. i can’t really tell cuz i had my eyes closed most of the time. it’s a very small space, so we went through and got out in less than a minute. then, we got spring potatoes and…well, ate them.👌 it was really good. then, we went upstairs to the theater. we had the last seats in the last row, it was quite awesome. after a bunch of ads, the movie finally started.😌 it was really interesting – and the sound wasn’t as loud as i had anticipated. (in some theaters – it’s usually very loud to the point where you can’t even hear the words properly and it’s just unpleasant to hear, generally.)

the movie was AMAZING. but it ended in a cliffhanger, and the next part releases only next year :(( but still, it was a lot of fun. we waved bye to kamalika at the mall, then dropped abisha at her house, then i went home as well.


thank you so much for reading!! i’ll see you soon, hopefully with another post.💙


24 thoughts on “a day out w/my friends💛ft. a sleepover + going to the cinema

  1. Wowoww sounds fun, well I didn’t have any sleepover with my friends but we do meet at each other’s home like for 4-6 hours and we do talk about people who we likes or dislikes and it’s really fun when you gossip with your friends.

    Well, I want to ask that are you indian? I mean you had dosa but by your name it doesn’t look indian name.

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  2. I love these sorts of posts!!! this sounds so fun too. 😌 Which movie did you guys watch??
    also I recently had a sleepover at a friend’s house and we watched a bit of frozen 2 too- and talked till late in the night- 👀 are we the same person~

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