superache album review🌹

i have been wanting to write this post ever since the day this album was released, but i wasn’t able to get time to actually write it, so here i am, finally~ 104 days after the release of conan gray’s second album, superache.

i can’t express how much i absolutely love this album, the style of music, the lyrics, everything – it’s just so ..beautifully written. it’s definitely one of my all time favorites now.


“falling in love with a damn fantasy // that’s so me”

this song, by the first lyrics – is about hoping for a love as seen in movies. this song perfectly expresses people who watch romance movies/series and cry about them later – so, hopeless romantics. i love the soft beats of this song, and it’s a great start to the album~

people watching

“Cut people out like tags on my clothing, i end up all alone, but I still keep hoping”

this song – it’s been on repeat ever since the day it was released, and i’m so happy it made it on to the album, as it fits the theme so well. the music video too, is really awesome. the way the song is portrayed is realistic, and relatable – to some people, atleast.


“the potential of us, it was keeping me up all night long”

i was SO excited for this song after the trailer was released, and it did not disappoint!! this song is so catchy, and it’s the kind of song that’ll get stuck in your head after listening just once. (and, the reference to you need to calm down by taylor swift – in the music video, was really clever.)

best friend

“who else is gonna grocery shop with me at 2 a.m.?”

ahh, it was so hard to pick a single lyric to feature because i LOVE the entire song’s lyrics. i love that conan writes songs about friendships – this song goes hand in hand with (can we be friends?) which is also a song by conan gray. one of my best friends, {ini} and i love listening to this song. it’s basically our song now.


“you said distance brings fondness, but guess not with us”

this lyric, and the entire chorus – it’s just so beautiful, this song. and it’s so calming to listen to, the vocals, and the melodies. AND the high note in the bridge, just wow. “you can’t force the stars to align when they’ve already died”💗


“cause I could give you all you want, the stars and the sun, but still, i’m not enough”

the music video for this song is just so aesthetic and pretty. even if i don’t relate to it, this song still made me cry, the vocals are just so mesmerizing and the high notes- i feel like this song would be perfect for those cliché, love triangle movies. well, i don’t know how to write it, but this song is just.. i love it.


“If I made you like me, would I even like myself?” this is not my favourite one, i mean, the lyrics are great, and i love the slow starting of this song – then it gets more upbeat. but i just can’t bring myself to like the entirety of the song, so i’m just not a big fan of it, still a great song overall – but i would skip it.

family line

“I was a kid, but I wasn’t clueless // Someone who loves you wouldn’t do this”

the best one on the album. this song is about a broken family, and again, i don’t know how to describe this song, but it’s just so comforting – and hits home for a lot of people. “might share a face and share a last name but
we are not the same”
it’s so impressive how great of a storyteller conan is.

summer child

“there’s a darkness behind those eyes even when you smile”

i feel like this song is sort of a continuation to family line. the central theme of this song is similar, and the tune too. overall, it’s a soothing song to listen to, with the soft ballads. even if you can’t relate to this song, it still hits hard and it feels so personal listening to it, like this song was made for you. and i love that.


“You taught me a lesson, that feelings are reckless”

the beginning of the song sounds like heather, and again – the story (which is, conan, after being rejected, equates himself to a footnote in that person’s life.) of this song matches too. one way of describing this song – it’s so incredibly sad.


“it’s hard to find an end to somethin’ That you keep beginning over and over again”

my favourite song on the album, because i relate to it, in a way. but also because it’s SO catchy?! the mix of sadness and anger in this song – and the background vocals, it’s just perfection. not to mention that one time i played this song on loop for about 45 mins-

the exit

feels like we had matching wounds // but mine’s still black and bruised and yours is perfectly fine

this song expresses being stuck in one place, when everyone else seems to be moving on with their lives. i think it’s the perfect finish to this album, i love the chorus, and the way the song progressively gets more upbeat, and intense – as seen in some other songs in the album too.

wow, that took me around 3 hours- but this was such a fun post to write, along with listening to the album, track by track. i hope you enjoyed reading!! and stay tuned for a 5SOS5 album review – and one for the new taylor swift album too (!!!)

let me know your thoughts on the album, if you’ve listened to it – and i’ll see you soon!!


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