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recent happenings ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・

wow, it feels like i’m only writing life updates these days, what happened? i’m completely at a loss for new ideas, or creativity, or just free time. but i do love writing these kind of posts- so yeah, where shall we begin?😌

my cousins and my aunt who i haven’t seen in a little over 4 years visited!! i was waiting for so long for them to visit, and it’s been over a month since they came here. it’s been a lot of fun hanging out with my cousin, sandy – and her {adorable} baby brother who’s sweet most of the time but has also bitten me….. several times. he’s kind of just like oreo {my dog who’s also very cute}🤣

sandy and i have watched a lot of netflix series📺, listened to songs, made a playlist together, went shopping for snacks🍿, played a lot of games of UNO with sana {one of my best friends} and had a lot of fun together! and we had a sleepover with another one of our cousin, minu, and did online window shopping once, which was quite fun!

a set of periodic exams just got over a couple weeks ago, and the day i’m writing this is also the day of the PT meet for those exams! i did REALLY well on those exams and got over 35 on all subjects, out of 40. and i think i might be the first mark overall, which is amazing!! 🥳

i got selected for my school’s throw ball team for a tournament. i’m… okay at it, but i definitely need more practice. but it feels great to be a part of a sports team, which was one of my goals for this year. the sports day at my school was…okay as well. the rollerskating event, which i was in was kind of really terrible and i was just a tree anyway- 😑

oh, and it was my 14th birthday on the 14th of august. my sister, rupa and sandy and i stayed up till 12, although i was very sleepy, and then in the morning we went to this sports shop and we tried out the skateboards there. we wanted to get one, but didn’t. 😕 i also tried on in-line skates and those were a lot harder than quad skates. then, i spent the rest of the day at sana’s house with another one of my friends, kamalika, we listened to music, and just hung out. at night, sana and kamalika surprised me with a cake!! it was really good.🎂


by the time i’m writing this, my cousins have left and it’s kind of really boring :(( and i miss them.. i’m also on the handball team at my school, which is a lot of fun! we have a game tomorrow and i really hope we win😀 {update: we didn’t , and it really sucked being a substitute}

it’s been sort of hard balancing studying with sports practice. and i have another set of exams in just a week… 🥲 besides that, i haven’t had much to do at home, it’s just too boring..and there’s not much to do where i live, not a lot of places to visit. which sucks. and, i missed out on my school’s field trip because i wasn’t feeling well that day.🥹

thank you so much for reading! i’ll hopefully be back to posting regularly soon. (i have a short holiday next month!)🥲🌷 have a great day, see you soon~

27 thoughts on “recent happenings ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・

  1. I’m so glad you got to see your cousin! I used to have so much fun with my cousins whenever we got together.
    Happy belated birthday!
    And huge congrats on those exam scores! It sounds like you did amazing!

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