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{avenue of art}🍧 week 3 review+ last prompt!

hi, everyone! how’s your week been? mine’s been okay. i had a little more free time than usual, and i’ve been listening to music for about…well, let’s just say an unhealthy amount of time everyday.🤣 it makes doing school work a little less boring.

an announcement: one of my friends IRL started a blog!! make sure to check it out and follow her.🧡

soo, it is the last week of the avenue of art 2022! it’s a part of the summer blog contests maggie and i are hosting this year! head on over to maggie’s blog to read about summer of stories. and here for more info about the contests! today i’ll be sharing the results of the third week💙

let’s have a quick refresher of the rules.🍄

  • You’ll have to share your email address, since that’s how you’ll be sending your entries. But the email won’t be shared, it’ll stay private.
  • Each task is worth 5 points, some may be worth 10. if you follow all the rules, you get an additional +5 points.
  • Every week, Maggie and I pick our favourite submission as Judge’s Pick and they get an extra +3 points
  • You cannot send in more than one submission unless there are 2 challenges/prompts that week.
  • Digital art is not counted.
  • Do not copy other’s work, you can be inspired but take your own spin on it!

to save me some media space (that i’m already running out of), i’ll be adding all of these in a pinterest board :)) last week’s prompt was worth 5 points and it was to hand letter a summer-y quote.

♡.☾// SassySummer: how you drew little doodles around certain words that go along with each other is so clever! and the quote you chose is lovely..😄 (+10 points)

♡.☾// Lucky: a quote + drawing by crayons ~ i like it! especially that the color you used for the quote and the background are in contrast. (+10 points)

♡.☾// M!a: love the cursive writing!! the pineapple drawing is also very cute🍍 i like that it’s minimal, but very pretty (+10 points)

♡.☾// Meera: woahh, i love the drawings you did in the background!! the colors are so pretty and your handwriting- 😍 the cursive lettering is so impressive. (+ 10 points)

♡.☾// Kaashvi: i’ve always been a fan of oil pastel art so i really like this one!! the little drawings around the lettering is awesome!! (+10 points)

i looked through the five *lovely* hand-lettering art …and i’m going to go with….🥁





congrats, meera – you get an additional +3 points!

now it’s time for the 4th prompt😄 this one is for 5 points! you have TWO options. and you can do whichever one you prefer! there’s no need to do both prompts.

make a wall hanging with popsicle sticks

or paint a few seashells! (using any art medium)

( you will get +5 points if you follow all the rules.) make sure to send in your entry to before the 19th of july, tuesday (directly through email, or through a google docs, whatever you prefer!)

( an example for the wall hanging prompt. ) you don’t have to make your wall hanging exactly like the one in the picture, but any way you want to decorate it! you can take around 2-3 seashells and paint them using any art medium if you decide to the painted seashells prompt! 🦩 thank you so much for reading! if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.🌈

P.S. the speech i mentioned in my last post, i’m delivering it tomorrow! wish me luck🥴

31 thoughts on “{avenue of art}🍧 week 3 review+ last prompt!

    1. Thanks, I fixed it😊
      No, that’s not necessary, just one will be good. Well, I guess you can decorate the wall hanging or sea shells any way you like, so yes that would be fine combining. But you still get the same 5 points for the prompt👍

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