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{avenue of art}🦋week two submissions + 3rd prompt!

hi, everyone! i hope you’re all doing well. i’m writing this post while i wait for my mozzarella sticks to chill in the fridge😂

anyway, i haven’t really been up to much, got a maths test tomorrow which i think i’ll do well in.. and my cousins who i haven’t seen in 3 or 4 years are visiting in less than 2 weeks!!♥️ i could not be more excited. just wish i wasn’t this busy with schoolwork.🥲 (wait, wasn’t i hoping that school would keep me busy cuz i had nothing to do..)

soo, it is week 3 of the avenue of art! it’s a part of the summer blog contests maggie and i are hosting this year! head on over to maggie’s blog to read about summer of stories. and here for more info about the contests! today i’ll be sharing the results of the second week💙

let’s have a quick refresher of the rules.🍄

  • You’ll have to share your email address, since that’s how you’ll be sending your entries. But the email won’t be shared, it’ll stay private.
  • Each task is worth 5 points, some may be worth 10. if you follow all the rules, you get an additional +5 points.
  • Every week, Maggie and I pick our favourite submission as Judge’s Pick and they get an extra +3 points
  • You cannot send in more than one submission unless there are 2 challenges/prompts that week.
  • Digital art is not counted.
  • Do not copy other’s work, you can be inspired but take your own spin on it!

to save me some media space (that i’m already running out of), i’ll be adding all of these in a pinterest board :)) last week’s prompt was worth 10 points

♡.☾// Lucky: i love how cute your doodle is!! i’m pretty sure it’s two people on a roller-coaster and it’s so cool that you’ve been on one. (i’ve always wanted to, but never been on one yet.) what i like most is how simple it is, yet so adorable.(+15 points)

♡.☾// Kaashvi: i think it’s you/someone looking at the sky. and it’s a really pretty picture. ❤ (i love to just stare at clouds and the sky.😍 and i find myself doing that a lot) my favourite thing about this one is the bubble-gum pink hair of the person~ (+15 points)

♡.☾// SassySummer: i love the octopus at the top! it’s adorable. and the “wild and free” lettering is so lovely as well =D (+10 points)

♡.☾// Meera: it’s a painting of two friends eating ice-cream. the contrast of the colors of the sky and the grass matches so well, and the ice-creams look delicious!! (+ 10 points)

i looked through the four *lovely* painting/doodles …and i’m going to go with….🥁





congrats, lucky – you get an additional +3 points!

now it’s time for the 2nd prompt😄 this one is for 5 points! (and you will get +5 points if you follow all the rules.) make sure to send in your entry to before the 12th of july, tuesday (directly through email, or through a google docs, whatever you prefer!)

hand letter a summer-y quote using any watercolors/pens/any art medium you prefer

it could be a saying about summer, you can look up summer quotes, write one of your own and hand-letter it using any art medium that you prefer!🦩 thank you so much for reading! if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.🌈

update: the mozzarella sticks were sO good but i felt kinda sick after eating them.🥴

29 thoughts on “{avenue of art}🦋week two submissions + 3rd prompt!

  1. Hey!,
    I have no idea how to say this but you made a small mistake. The roller coaster is actually lucky’s doodle so lucky gets the additional 3 points, not me…
    I think you got the drawing mixed up

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh good!
        Wait, when will we have a deadline in the future and when do we need to get it to you? You already posted the judges pick so I was not sure if we actually need it in sooner so we have a chance at winning.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You need to send it in before next Tuesday. And no, this won’t count for judges pick but you will have the chance to earn 10 points for this dare (and +5 additional for the rules points)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! I have a suggestion for next time, maybe you could include a timezone for when the submissions are due because we all live in different time zones and it might get confusing. Just a suggestion, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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