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{avenue of art}🌼 week one entries + 2nd prompt

hiii oreos! how was your day? mine was pretty good. most of it was spent in school anyway, but it’s fun when i’m with my friends😇

today i’ll be sharing the results of the first week of {avenue of art} it’s a part of the summer blog contests maggie and i are hosting this year! head on over to maggie’s blog to read about summer of stories. and here for more info about the contests!


we have 20 participants in total, and 11 of them are participating in the avenue of art! now, let’s get straight to reviewing and the results of week one. the prompt was to incorporate the colors of summer into a finger painting~

to save me some media space (that i’m already running out of), i’ll be adding all of these in a pinterest board😅 first, let’s have a quick refresher of the rules:

  1. Bloggers aged 10 through 20 can participate
  2. You’ll have to share your email address, since that’s how you’ll be sending your entries. But the email won’t be shared, it’ll stay private.
  3. Make sure you stay within the word count limit mentioned if you’re participating in the Summer of Stories
  4. Each task is worth 5 points, some may be worth 10. if you follow all the rules, you get an additional +5 points.
  5. Every week, Maggie and I pick our favourite submission as Judge’s Pick and they get an extra +3 points
  6. You cannot send in more than one submission unless there are 2 challenges/prompts that week.
  7. Digital art is not counted.
  8. Do not copy other’s work, you can be inspired but take your own spin on it!
  9. No matter what place you get in the contest, don’t be mad at others

♡.☾//Lucky: this finger painting is called melted ice-cream, and i love the name! i quite like how well the colors blended with each other. you get +5 points for your entry, and +5 for following all the rules!

☾.♡//Liz: ah, i love the way you painted the trees! and the pastel colors in the background add a nice touch to the painting. the ombre of blues you used for the waves you get +5 points for your entry, and +5 for following all the rules!

♡.☾//SassySummer: at first glance, i thought your painting looked like a watermelon 😀 but it’s actually a beach at dusk. love the image of the waves crashing on shore, it looks great~ +10 points

☾.♡//M!a: the vibrant colors you used for the drawing is lovely! my perception of your painting is like..summer rain but with colors. :)) +10 points!

♡.☾//Meera: i have one thing to say: your painting is absolutely stunning! the sunrise, the way the trees are painted & the colors you used look great together. +10 points

maggie and i looked through all 5 paintings, it was a tough decision…and we’re going to go with….🥁





congrats, liz – you get an additional +3 points!

now it’s time for the 2nd prompt😄 this one is for 10 points! make sure to send in your entry to before the 5th of july, tuesday (directly through email, or through a google docs, whatever you prefer!)

paint/doodle about your favourite memory from your summer vacation(s)

it could be about a summer vacation you went on this year, or any time in the past (or even in the future, about a trip your planning on going) for example, it could be activities like scuba-diving, beach volleyball, swimming, etc🦩

thank you so much for reading! if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.🌈

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