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Funky_fashions review ☆ a chat with the creator

written sometime in oct 2021.

Hey, oreos! guess what? I GOT SPONSORED!😜 By my friend…but still, it’s very exciting!💗

Recently, my irl best friend, Sana started her small business! She does resin art – keychains, pet tags, earrings, and more! Today I’ll be having a chat + interviewing her. Then I’ll be reviewing a couple of her products she sent me🥳 The cookie emoji is next to my part, and the cupcake emoji is Sana’s.

Visit Funky_Fashion’s main page here!

The interview~

🍪Evin: :Hello! I’m very excited about this collab💛Thank you so much for sponsoring this post. Would you like to introduce yourself and your small business?😄

🧁Sana: Hey everyone! I’m Sana, I’m 13 years old – I love being creative, and I own a small resin art businesss🌺 if you’re interested in buying something just DM me to order @FUNKY_FASHION2021 on Instagram.✨

🍪Evin: That’s very cool!!🤩What or who got you interested in resin art?

🧁Sana:I first to know about resin when my aunt gifted my mom a resin painting. I was intrigued – I wanted to learn more about, so I did. I started experimenting with it, and ended up really liking it!😛

🍪Evin: Ooh, awesome! So what type of designs did you start making first? And why did you want to start a small business to sell resin art?

🧁Sana: My first designs were key chains and pendants, since they were easy to make when starting with. Over time, I learnt to work on pet tags, bookmarks..😀 I started my business mainly because I wanted to try something different.💕

🍪Evin: It looks like you offer a wide variety of products!😯 The next thing I’d like to talk about is the process: what do you enjoy the most about creating resin art?

🧁Sana: Yep, I do! My favorite part is adding color/glitter to what I’m working on, it’s just so fun to see it mix up with the resin. Removing the resin from the mould is the most satisfying part!

🍪Evin: Oh, yes – I’ve seen videos on resin art and they sure are satisfying! Especially the outcomes. 😌Now, let’s talk about orders.🍂 – How can people place an order?- what’s the expected arrival time?- and finally, do you ship internationally or is it restricted?💫

🧁Sana: It’s simple! just visit my Instagram page, DM me, and we’ll discuss your order! The arrival time depends on where you’re ordering from, and yes I do ship internationally.⭐ (shipping charges apply)

🍪Evin :So, would you ever consider opening a website for people to shop and order online, or are you just sticking with an Instagram page?🌿

🧁Sana: For now, I’m just sticking to my IG page.

🍪Evin: ooh, okay. The last question i have for you is about your vision for the future.😄- What products would you like to include that you don’t already have?

🧁Sana: I would love to expand my collection, specifically, maybe some night lights and multi-layered paperweights and customized products.

Evin: Nightlights would be so pretty! aand, that’s the end of this little interview. Thanks so much for being a part of it!💛

!!Highly edited by me!!

Bonus: Outtakes

🍪Evin: Last question, where do you see yourself in five years?

🧁Sana: Umm..18 years old?

🍪Evin: I- that’s not what I meant, like what do you hope to have accomplished for your small business?

🧁Sana: ….

🍪Evin: okay you know what~ never mind.


These are the products Sana sent me for the review :)) (two of these were b’day presents)

(my reviews are completely honest🔅)

Dog Tag

My mom got this tag for me (for Rs.70 = almost $1), and it came neatly packaged in a bag wrapped in paper with a card. 😀

I think it’s a fair price, and the dog tag looked really cute! I love the gold specks – it goes well with the glittery, blue background. I do wish that the text was a bit bigger. It would be nice if the customer could pick out a font or for it to be handwritten. ✒

Oreo had it on…for one night. The tag fell off from Oreo’s collar because the hook wasn’t strong enough, but I got it changed so that’s not a problem. What I don’t like about the…attachment of the tag is that it comes off really easily..😕 Overall, it’s a really cute product!💜


I got this as a birthday present!💛 It’s a resin bookmark with dried leaves and flowers, but one direction themed. I absolutely L.O.V.E this one. The gold speckles in this is so pretty as well!

It has tiny pictures of 1D – the only bad thing about this is that the images look a bit faded and a bit unclear, but other than that, it’s an amazing product! 10/10, Definitely recommend.💗

Key Chain

This is the other b’day present sana gave me. If you’re wondering why it has “N” and not “E” in it, it’s because N is one of my initials.

I love that blue is the theme color of it, since it’s my favourite color. The letter keychain has blue sunflowers and little sequins and blue specks in the background. I like that all those shades go well together and not like, clash with each other. 🤩🙌

The one with the picture has a Spotify that comes with it, mine has “What makes you beautiful”🤍 Again, the hook wasn’t strong enough and the blue butterfly came off but I fixed it..

And that was it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out Sana’s shop!💕 Thank you for reading, I’ll see you later!

11 thoughts on “Funky_fashions review ☆ a chat with the creator

  1. Ooh, those are soo cuteee!!!💕 Wow, i like sana’s shop a lot and I’d be sure to order something from there sometime!😃 The interview was AWESOME!👏✨❤️

    Did Evin do a mini face reveal here?🙈

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