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✧. ⋆ may ’22 wrap up // summer break, music + shows i watched.*࿐

hiii everyone!💜 we’re halfway into 2022. wow..i feel like may has been going by too slowly for me. maybe because i haven’t really had anything to do all month, because i have holidays till the 20th of june and i’m sooo bored at home.🌝

shout-out to my (irl) friend kavya for reading & supporting my blog!! <33 and, yeah – let’s get into summarizing may.


like i’ve mentioned a few times – it’s currently summer break for me. i honestly think 2 months is too long..one month would’ve been fine. but it’s going to be really ..✨stressful✨ when school reopens. but at least that’ll keep me busy, hopefully. i’m so bored at home. all i did this month was listen to an unhealthy amount of music everyday, and ..binge-watch series.

i think i might get my braces off in two more months!! it’s so exciting. i had a couple of my friends over this month, so that was fun. i made a post about it too! i decided to finally create a new duolingo account and ..start learning spanish again.🙌😄 i want to be close to fluent in spanish by the end of this year.. (which is one of my 2022 goals but i JUST got started.) but..can you even learn a language fluently from duolingo-

HARRY’S HOUSE RELEASED! it’s harry’s best album yet. and we’re getting a new album from CONAN GRAY!!💙 i’m so looking forward to it!!. i discovered a lot of new music this month =) and we’re getting an album by 5SOS in september. i am so so excited because this will be my first album release as a 5sos fan!!🤩

and we traveled a little. i’m going on vacation with my mom in june! follow my travel blog so you’ll be notified when i post about the trip✨️

this year might not be that bad after all.

♡books i read

um, so i actually did a lot less reading this month..🙍‍♀️i mostly only read all of these books towards the last couple weeks of may..

  1. watching you by lisa jewell: i really really liked this book – it has a hazy, mysterious vibe to it. the plot twist was so shocking..🍃this is the kind of book that’ll leave you staring at the ceiling, trying to process everything that happened after reading it.
  2. diary of a wimpy kid by jeff kinney – this series is my guilty pleasure read. i love the diary of a wimpy kid so much- it’s funny, and the illustrations are awesome✌🏽
    • the getaway – greg and his family go on vacation! this is probably my favourite book out of the whole series, it was really nice! it has an iconic ending.
    • the ugly truth – eh, i didn’t like this book that much, but it was still good & funny.
  3. history is all you left me by adam silvera – um, well – this book was just dry. i don’t know how to explain it it’s supposed to be sad but it was just confusing and all over the place, i didn’t get it.🤔
  4. the family upstairs by lisa jewell: oh, look – another book by lisa jewell! this is my favourite by the author so far. once you start reading, you can’t stop – every page is filled with suspense and it’s a great fast-paced thriller. i can’t wait for the sequel!😁
  5. the upside of falling by alex light – probably one of the first few books in the romance genre, and this book was..GREAT. it was cliche, but i still really liked it!! it was cute. i would recommend. {read my full review}
  6. the rumor game by dhonielle clayton and sonia – i loved reading this!! you can read my detailed review on goodreads💫 i loved the writing style, and the multi-media format it was in.😄
  7. The fault in our stars by John Green – I finally read it! And it didn’t disappoint. I was close to crying at the end, but I didn’t cry. It has a lot of great quotes in it.♥️

♡series i watched

*ೃ༄ i have been watching this series on youtube called the next step, it’s about a dance team…it’s so so good and binge-worthy….i love shows that are based on dance/gymnastics, i’ve watched so many series/movies like that. and i am currently on season 3! (update: the show sucks from season 4)

*ೃ༄ by the time i’m writing this, i just finished watching young royals in one sitting. i feel .. so sad🤧 and the ending broke me. i love how authentic and real the show is. the acting is phenomenal, and the LGBTQ+ representation was great.💙✨ if you enjoyed heartstopper, you will LOVE this one. season 2 is confirmed for this one as well, but i cannot wait!

*ೃ༄ i am still obsessing over heartstopper, i’ve watched the show twice, and i will be SO upset if we don’t get a season two. (update: season 2 is confirmed!) everything about this show is just perfection, it’s just so wholesome.🌼 i love how well the cast resemble the book characters!

*ೃ༄ kiki’s delivery service on netflix – ahh this was such a cute anime movie! i loved watching it. just so adorable & sweet. kiki’s cat, jiji was my favorite :3

♡songs on repeat

{ a playlist i found on spotify } i created the playlist above a couple days ago, and it’s for when you complete reading/watching an amazing series and you just can’t stop thinking about it, and you feel kind of empty inside. so this is a collection of songs that’ll take your mind off of things =) it’s my favourite playlist at the moment🌈

🥀 my favourite songs from may 🥀

  • loop – FO&O: so um, this band is lit. it’s such a shame they pulled a one direction and they aren’t releasing music anymore. but their songs are literal bangers.😩🤟
  • falling – chase atlantic: one of my favourite bands!! listening to chase atlantic is a whole vibe.
  • we made it – david hugo: this artist’s music is kind of similar to lauv & shawn mendez, and i love both of their music. this song, especially is my fAVORITE right now.
  • yours – conan gray: just conan gray here, dropping another masterpiece.🌟 ugh, this song, the music video is just too beautiful. his vocals and high notes are amazingggg-
  • affection – between friends: this song is just so unique, and i really like the music by this band💫
  • me, myself and i – 5SOS: my obsession with 5 seconds of summer grows with every passing day🤣this song is so good. it’s purely awesomeness. go stream it ~

and..omar rudberg (an icon👑) released his debut album. so this month was lit. if we’re talking music, that is.

♡reviewing goals + goals for june

since i didn’t do a wrap up for april, i’ll be reviewing goals from my march wrap up~

  • do well on the first few weeks of 9th grade – yes, i did pretty well!
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions in class, and make new friends – not the making new friends part, because there weren’t any new students in my class😕
  • take part in sports events (if any happen) – YES, we had a kho-kho match. it was so much fun. we kinda lost, but it was just a friendly match anyway. and the other team sort of cheated. but i had a good time.🎊
  • score over 90% in maths and 100% in other subjects – what.. there weren’t even any tests. except for a class test in math – it was really easy but i only got 4/10 somehow?
  • upload videos on Oreo’s channel – i uploaded one video.
  • read the six of crows duology😂 – ahh, nope. maybe next year month.

🥀 goals for june🥀

  • *try* to be more productive
  • practice learning spanish everyday
  • read 5+ books
  • get.that.guitar.fixed.
  • read the hunger games trilogy
  • study atleast 3 subjects during the holidays
  • upload a couple videos for oreo’s youtube
  • keep up with all the schoolwork

pretty simplistic goals, we’ll see how i do.

thank you so much for reading! i hope you had a great month. happy june! what’s something exciting that happened this month? what are you looking forward to in june? let’s talk in the comments. i’ll see you in my next post, byee!🪄💛

24 thoughts on “✧. ⋆ may ’22 wrap up // summer break, music + shows i watched.*࿐

  1. omgomgomgomg all of the shows and movies sound amazinggg😭 sadly I havn’t been able to watch heartstopper or young royals yet, but i can’t wait!!!! the Next Step was one of my favourtiee shows as a kid, and Kiki’s Delivery service is one of the cutest anime movies everrr:))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are!!♡♡
      Definitely watch young royals first, then heartstopper. Because it will leave you crying at the end and heartstopper is really wholesome, so – 🤪
      Ahh yess ~ who’s your favorite character / dancer on the next step? Mine’s probably West or Thalia 😄
      I agree! Thanks for reading 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post Evin! Also- The Fault In Our Stars is one of my top favorite books ever! My favorite book series is definitely the Hunger Games you will enjoy it i finished all of them in under five days… good luck you’ll cry!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was such an awesome post! I love reading people’s monthly wrap ups! I love how much you read each month…I need to read more, especially during summer break. We’ll both be going to highschool (9th grade) next year! Congrats to you, Evin! ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Evin! I loved reading your posts! Yay, congrats on getting your braces off!!! Wow, it’s fun that you’re traveling! Can’t wait to see the post! The keychain your friend made is so pretty 💖 your playlist is amazing! And i also checked out your Alexa and Katie playlist and it was awesome 🙌🙌 You’ll eventually get better at math so don’t worry. Grade 9 maths is VERY hard. I failed in it once so i know 😭👍
    May was nice for me. I enjoyed chilling and laying on bed all day. I’m looking forward to starting 11th grade this month!! Some of my friends left school and few of my besties aren’t in my class so I’m a little nervous. Let’s see how I do🤞
    Happy June to you!!💕

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Omg get that guitar fixed is like always on my mental to do list 😂😂🤣
    Also congrats on your braces about to get off!! It must be so cool!
    Also i agree the ugly truth was kinda bland but the getaway was a good wimpy kid. have u read the latest novel? The big shot?
    Nice review!


    oh yeah, I hate long holidays too. we’re only getting like, twenty days. I mean, I’m glad about that, but it’s strange that they did that-
    I’ve been learning spanish too! (well, kind of on and off-) and soon I’ll start learning it in school too- so that’s nice- 😗
    I didn’t really like most of the songs on harry’s house.. uh.. 😳 but cONAN!!!! I can’t wait for his new album. oh and that first song on your playlist?? imreallytiredthisdaysucks- brilliant name, I gotta say- maybe someday I’ll actually listen to the song. 🤦‍♀️
    nice reads~~ still haven’t read the fault in our stars. I will. someday. also, pretty sure diary of a wimpy kid is half the world’s guilty pleasure. 😂😌
    wow I hated playing kho-kho the few times that we did-
    anyway. wow this ended up being long. maybe this is my brain making up for lurking on people’s blogs for days without commenting- *cough*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh lucky you!😂😩👍
      Wait that’s so cool, I wish Spanish was a subject in my school.
      Umm.. well I guess most of the songs were really random and seemed to have no meaning 😂
      *music for a sushi restaurant*
      omg yeah it’s a pretty good song too. It literally goes like “I’m rEaLly tired today, it kinda sucks’ in a tired, sleepy voice.
      yeah. 😩✨👏
      True. It’s a pretty iconic series though🤪
      SAME, i was like, this isn’t even a real sport. But it’s actually sort of fun now!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well, our grade just got the option of choosing it, so I’ve been uselessly learning french for the past two months. 🙂🔪
        xD the name is cool though-
        ahaha, even more reason to listen to it now.
        yeah- and also. You’re sitting down half the time. In a really uncomfortable position. why do people like that. 😭

        Liked by 1 person

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