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harry’s house ~ album review

hellooo and welcome back!🥳 today’s post is something i’ve been waiting to do for so long!! harry styles’ new album, harry’s house just released and i’m going to be sharing my thoughts about the album! i was sooo excited for this release and it’s finally here. it’s my first album release being a H.S fan – so that makes it more exciting.

i’ll add the album here, so you can hear snippets of the songs as you read! ❤

🥀 Side A 🥀

music for a sushi restaurant

“If the stars were edible, and our hearts were never full // could we live with just a taste?”

the introductory song to the album ~ and the first song i listened to after i woke up – and i have to say – what a GREAT way to start of the day! the beat, was just so good – and catchy.✨ this was a perfect way to start of the album, and the background vocals were great!! also, it kind of reminds me of treat people with kindness from fine line.

late night talking

“I’ve never been a fan of change // But I’d follow you to any place”

i expected this to be a slow, soft ballad but it’s quite upbeat! this song was debuted at this year’s coachella – and it has a very ..70’s/80’s vibe to it. (like, it sounds retro & fun to listen to and i love that~) i loved the lyrics, and the pattern of this song. it definitely has the potential to be a single.🍂

grape juice

“Yesterday, it finally came, a sunny afternoon // There’s just no getting through Without you”

this song, has an indie vibe to it – and that’s the kind of music i’m into right now, and i love the rhythm of this song so much! it’s so soothing to listen to. probably my favourite from the album – just wish it was longer though. it sounds ethereal, the whole album does.🤧

as it was

~ In this world, it’s just us // you know it’s not the same as it was ~

i listened to this song, the hour it came out! i loved the music video and how great and symbolic it is, and it’s just so upbeat and catchy. the bridge, though. it’s the best part. 🤎and it’s amazing how much attention this song is getting! to be honest, it’s a little bit overrated but it’s still a good song.


“if i was a blue bird, i would fly to you”

the lyrics i chose to add above for this, reminded me of these lyrics from if i could fly by one direction“if i could fly, i’d be coming right back home to you” two different songs, but they deliver almost the same meaning.🍃 i get “sunflower vol. 6” vibes from this song as well, it’s so upbeat and..calm at the same time. just listening to this one song makes you want to listen to the whole album, that’s just how good it is.😉

little freak

“i was thinking about who you are, your delicate point of view”

there’s something so calming about this song. and you just want to replay it over and over again.✨ from the lyrics, i think this song is about a past relationship, and the memories associated with it. it’s definitely not something i relate with, but i still treasure this song. it’s so vibe-y and soft. in my opinion, this is the best song from the album!😩🤌🏼


“you showed me a power that is strong еnough to bring sun to the darkest days”

the first time i heard this, i felt like it resonated with the movie/book matilda. and turns out, this song is inspired by the movie!🪄 it feels so nostalgic listening to this, and i found it so hard to pick the feature lyrics because the lyricism is just, splendid. harry sings this song to someone who was mistreated by their family, and it’s basically about the point that home is a feeling, and not a place.💜

🥀 Side B 🥀


“It’s you // I don’t know why but it feels so right to me”

the melodies & harmonies sound so good in this song! the beat is…groovy. and the song is quite catchy! (how many times have i said that-) it’s a chill song, and it has a summer-y feel to it. but honestly, the lyrics aren’t that great. soo, i would rate it a 4/5. 😄


give me somethin’ to dream about // livin’ in a daydream

this song is quite different from the others, the beat, the rhythm, and how harry’s voice sounds, it just shows how versatile it is!💫a lot of people say this is the best song from the album but.. it’s not my favourite..i mean, i wouldn’t skip it. it’s pretty good, but i don’t like it as much as the other songs. 3.5/5 for this.

keep driving

“we held darkness in withheld clouds”

🌸- it’s a melodic pop song that’s so calming to listen to. i feel like this would be the perfect kind of song to play while you drive past a flower field, or when you’re cycling/ going on a road trip with your friends ~ that’s the kind of vibe i get from this. this might be my current favourite from the album :))


“i can see you’re lonely, darling // don’t you know that i am right here?”

it starts off a bit slow, but then gets upbeat. i love the chorus of this song,


“They don’t tell you where it’s hеading // And you know the game’s nevеr-ending”

as soon as i heard it, the intro of this song sounded like it was reversed, and when i looked up the lyrics, it was a lyrics reversed! so that was a cool start.🙃 i like this song, and the lyrics are nice too. i love that you can hear the vocals clearly, and it’s a slow, soft ballad.

love of my life

“it’s not what I wanted, to leave you behind // Don’t know where you’ll land when you fly”

this was the song that was used as background music for the album trailer, and i recognized that once this started playing😆 about the song – it’s pretty good, and it’s a sweet way to ..finish off the album. the instrumentals are great as well.

so, those were my thoughts on the album! i’ve been playing this on repeat all day – i loved it, and it’s a great album. overall, i would rate it a 8.5/10. i’m kinda sad the premier for the songs is over, but it was really awesome listening to it for the first time.💛

have you listened to this album yet? let’s talk in the comments 🙂

Evin xx


44 thoughts on “harry’s house ~ album review

    1. you should listen to the other ones!! as it was is greatt, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best song on the album.
      so definitely check out the other songs💛😄 thanks for reading (:


    1. yess, it is! i became a fan around 2 years ago, but i remember i was there before the music video for golden was released because i listened to it when it came out..
      what are your thoughts on this album?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah you got into Harry during the beginning of the pandemic! I haven’t heard the album yet. To be honest, I was turned off by his previous album and never bothered with this one. I know a lot of people like Harry’s music and that’s fine, but I’m a Louis girl.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I think so!
        I know, fine line wasn’t my favourite album. But this won’t let you down, I’m sure.
        Same! But honestly, out of all their solo careers, I think Niall makes the best music. But then again, louis only has one album out so can’t judge based on just that :))

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll give it a listen then! Yeah, Niall’s music is really good. The problem is the more successful some of the members get as solo artists, the less likely the band will get back together. Yeah, I hope Louis releases new music soon! People move on fast if artists don’t keep putting out new music!

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  1. I actually really loved this album, and I’m not even a big Harry Styles fan. It’s really nice, and it opened my eyes to how nice his music actually is. My favorite song from the album is probably Love of My Life or As It Was, though I do agree, As It Was is kind of overrated.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was pleasantly surprised after fine line, which was..not my favorite album.
      Ah, yes. It’s almost like this album is most like…him. I agree! Thanks for reading x💙


  2. I have never heard his songs before but your review sounds like these are all sweet and catchy.
    I like how that one song says Home is a feeling not a place basically. It’s true! Even if you feel along you still have God and your home will always be with Him!


  3. I feel like I either really like some of these songs or I just don’t like them at all xD
    I do like As It Was, and Late Night Talking. Also, Daydreaming and Keep Driving…other than that? I’m not a huge fan of most of the songs. heh.
    Great review Evin! I would love to see more album reviews.

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  4. AHH I don’t listen to harry’s music that much, I usually just listen to a few songs from his first album but my friend basically forced me into listening to this with her AND I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE~~ my favourite is probably love of my life, and my least favourite is as it was. I think that’s just because ive been hearing it EVERYWHERE aksks but it’s still such a good song ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. AHH YAY welcome to the fandom~💙
      omg same i just really love a song but if i hear it playing everywhere, i begin to dislike it.
      like, good 4 u by olivia Rodrigo
      That’s why sometimes songs being underrated is a good thing!!😂


  5. ayyyy yess I loved reading ur review so much. this was also my first album release after becoming a Harry fan!!! Hahah.
    I love that you picked out a lyric from each song for this, I was too lazy 😭 Awesome post Evin!! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thanks😊♥️ oh that’s awesome!! It was so exciting. Hehe, thanks. I think lyrics are really important and in most album reviews I read, I like when the lyrics are added along with it 😀 plus I just like …lyrics🤣🖐
      Thank you!!♡♡♡

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