making a wall collage🥀 // the sequel

hello and welcome back! i hope you’re all having an ✨awesome✨ day so far! it’s about to get better because ….well….. i posted!!👏🤣 today i’m doing the second part to making a collage wall. this was one of my absolute favourite posts to write…and i turned another wall of my room into a collage! – so this was a perfect posting opportunity.

i am facing bloggers block help pls.

the last time i did this, it was just one direction and taylor swift themed. this time, i decided to do MORE of taylor swift and include a lot of other artists too! and bookish stuff, quotes and just aesthetic pictures. okayyy – let’s get into it!

🥀✨finding the pictures + making them into collages.

i went on pinterest, since that’s my favourite place to get images. they’re got decent quality and are really ..nice. it took me a while to download images, but it took me even longer to find the ones i wanted. but i think i got around 35 pictures by the time i had finished downloading everything.

there were songs, music artists, books, films, aesthetics, and more! i was really happy with all the pictures. i made them into collages on inshot, my favorite editing app. instead of taking 35 separate printouts, i made those into collages of 3-4 images and as a result only had 14 pages to print!

🥀✨the printouts.

i had 14 pages to print, and i got them in color. so it costed me around $2 – which is on budget! (do i even have a budget) they were pretty high quality. but the edges of some images were cut off.🙃 like this picture, which was supposed to say “the neighborhood” but since it was cut off, it said “he neighborhood.” so, um yeah🤣

i didn’t know which album to get in bigger print, between 1989 and reputation. i went with 1989 because it has the best songs in my opinion, apart from RED. and it fit the overall aesthetic of the pictures i had chosen😄 i also wrote some quotes on color paper to add here.

🥀✨the process of making a wall collage.

so i chose a wall adjacent (look at me using words like “adjacent”…that’s character development..) to the one on which i had already done a collage on. i just started sticking pictures right away, but it took me a while to trim off the white paper.

um, so this air conditioner plug..thing was right where i wanted to start and it looked really ...ugly out of place alongside all the pictures. but hey, it’s not like i can just rip that thing out so we just have to go with it. it actually blended in once i was done. 😃👍

i used masking tape, so sticking all the pictures won’t damage the wall paint.

🥀✨the final result.

i love the final result. i might even like this more than the other wall. i think it came out really nicely! i’m really happy with the outcome.💙 apart from the chipped paint right below this, it looks AWESOME. the paint is really bothering me. you can’t see it that well, but it’s there.

i love how the colors go so well with each other.

ahh, i loved writing this post so much! let me know your thoughts in the comments below. thank you so much for reading!! ❤

Evin xx


61 thoughts on “making a wall collage🥀 // the sequel

  1. i love printing collages!! it saves on paper and the pics end up being cute sizes 😍💕
    uh oh, “he neighborhood” 🤣👏 it stinks when pics get cut off hah
    the wall turned out AWESOOOOME! i love both sm! awesome work 😌🥀👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Evin! The pictures are so beautiful and the collage turned out beautiful!💕
    I’m so glad you posted! I’m also thinking of doing a collage wall so I’d take some inspiration from you!😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. omg it turned out so pretty! I really want to do a wall collage, but I’m not sure where yet 😂 I’ll definitely be coming back to this post when I do get round to it! 💞 love your aesthetic ✨ it’s such a vibeee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh thanks! ❤
      yup, it took me a while to decide where to do it too. but if you ever do, you should definetly make a post of the process! i would love to read it 😀
      thanks so much! =D

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  4. AHHH THE COLLAGE LOOKS GORGEOUS!! (i’m slightly jealous rn, and wish to steal your wall, BUT THAT DOES NOT SEEM VERY MUCH POSSIBLE SO SHHH) love the aesthetic!!


  5. AHHH I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT EEEK!!! I adore making wall collages but I’m currently running out of space in my room😭😭 ALSO I HAVE BLUE WALLS IN MY ROOM TOO YAYY. Blue wall supremacy>>

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey, Evin! I’m a new follower (you can call me Q’Zion) but I just wanted to say that this is so creative! Collages are so fun to make and the fact that you found the pictures and arranged them yourself was a great idea! Have a blessed day! ✨

    Liked by 2 people

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