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Book review // A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson


Hello and welcome back! Today’s post is a book review of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson. This is the …um … first book review I’ve ever written, so, yeah- I never really know what to say in these kind of posts, so please bear with me.

By the time I’m writing this review, I’ve already read all three books in the series. I might do a review for the other two books as well~ anyway, let’s get into it!


Everyone in Fairview knows the story.

Pretty and popular high school senior Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who then killed himself. It was all anyone could talk about. And five years later, Pip sees how the tragedy still haunts her town.

But she can’t shake the feeling that there was more to what happened that day. She knew Sal when she was a child, and he was always so kind to her. How could he possibly have been a killer?

Now a senior herself, Pip decides to reexamine the closed case for her final project, at first just to cast doubt on the original investigation. But soon she discovers a trail of dark secrets that might actually prove Sal innocent . . . and the line between past and present begins to blur. Someone in Fairview doesn’t want Pip digging around for answers, and now her own life might be in danger.

Title: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder
Author: Holly Jackson
Age Group/Genre: Young Adult/Thriller Mystery

Links // Goodreads & Amazon 

Publication Date: May 2, 2019
Trigger Warnings: Animal death, bullying,kidnapping, murder, racism, verbal abuse.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

My Review

I literally could not put this down once I started reading. I read this book in one sitting and I have no words for it.😩 There were a lot of twists, and this book was so unpredictable – it’s crazy how the plot twists were planted in the first book – that all made sense when you reach towards the end of the series. and the author did an amazing job at building the suspense.📚 I think I might have found my new favourite YA Mystery/Thriller series.

“But sometimes remembering isn’t for yourself; sometimes you do it just to make someone else smile.”

Holly Jackson, AGGGTM

The characters

I loved Pip’s character SO much. She’s extremely clever, and has a great sense of humor. Also, Pip’s approach to solving the case and getting people to talk about Andie and Sal, etc. helped solidify that this book was the real deal and not just about a kid who happens to …, luck into solving a crime.

Pip’s got a serious calling for true crime. She was so dedicated to clearing Sal’s name. Even if the investigation might have taken over her life, I like that we still got to see the…… other sides of her. A loving big sister and daughter along with a loyal and caring friend. (and a dog owner!) You could see that she would do anything for those she loved.

“They were each other’s crutch to lean on when life got too much to carry alone.”

Holly Jackson, AGGGTM

Pip and Ravi are so underrated?? When Pip ends up bringing Sal’s younger brother, Ravi, along in her search for truth, I thought that was an amazing pairing. Ravi was definitely my favourite character – the slow-burn romance between him & Pip was cute and I enjoyed their interactions😄 The representation & diversity in the book – Jackson also dealt with the hardships that Ravi and his family faced as a brown family in a mostly white town such as racism..

Pip’s friends Cara and Naomi, and Connor too. Her family, especially her father Victor, was such a fantastic character. They were always so encouraging and supportive of her aspirations and they always cared for her.💜 One thing I didn’t like about this book was animal death… I really wanted to stop reading when that happened. It really, really upset me – even more in the last book of the trilogy😔

“Pip wished she was strong enough, but she’d learned that she wasn’t invincible; she too could break.”

― Holly Jackson, AGGGTM

Writing Style

I don’t think I’ve read a book like this, written in multi – media format with diary-like entries speaking in first person and then in third person. I think that was really clever – it was a bit strange, if I’m honest, and it took me a bit longer to adjust to the writing style, but I loved it. I feel like this writing didn’t make it hard to picture the sequences that were happening , and characters in the book.


Okay, now let’s talk about the mystery itself. It was so well planned out. I did not see that end coming – It wasn’t who I suspected AT ALL – and the end left me awe-struck. Like, I thought it all ended with (spoiler) BUT THEN, someone else is brought into the picture- like- ?? wow. I’m still processing how the author managed to seed in the details that later helped Pip solve another mystery in book #3. This was such an incredible read & I would love to see a movie adaptation of it.

“I’m not sure I’m the good girl I once thought I was. I’ve lost her along the way.”

Holly Jackson – AGGGTM

Whew, that review’s a lot longer than I expected. Maybe I should start writing more book reviews, so I can get books??👀😂 Thank you so much for reading, let me know if you’ve read AGGGTM – and if you have – what did you think of it?

I’ll see you later! Have a great day.💕🌷

92 thoughts on “Book review // A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

  1. I remember reading this last year, and I was FASCINATED by it. I think I’ve read the second one too?? All I remember about this is Pip, her dog, the girl dying, the other girl, something about the teacher??? I am so clueless. I have the third book downloaded, but because I don’t remember what happened in the first two books, I’m putting it off…for now.

    This was pretty good for a first review though Evin! I suggest going spoiler free because the people who look for reviews haven’t yet read the book sooo you know, makes more sense to make it spoiler-less. (I know the temptation to shout out spoilers is extreme). Also you could make your sub-headings a bit bigger (writing, characters etc.). All in all, I’d love to see more reviews! Good job Evin!

    eeeek long comment. *oops*

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    1. have u read the third one? i think it might be my favourite but ..a lot happened in it. it was really dark and I dont know if I love or hate the third book.
      uhh, yeah the girl dying, im assuming is Andie Bell?? the other girl, dont know who you’re referring to xD

      thanks! yeah, I edited some spoilers and its spoiler free now. i should’ve thought of that xD
      I’ve also made the subheadings bigger. thanks for your suggestions! <33
      thank uuu : )

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      1. I haven’t read the third book yet. And yes, that’s Andie Bell (gosh I forgot the name). Wasn’t there one girl who was kidnapped in a place and some teacher kept her there?

        and yay! I’m glad you found them helpful!!

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  2. Ohhhhhh I’m so happy you did this review! I read AGGGTM only recently and I absolutely agree with you on that ending and plot twist. It was adorable, and yet again, since I have read fairly a good amount of mystery thrillers, I thought (and predicted) in the way that Pip was solving the case, that Ravi had a motive for murder (out of jealousy, I thought) and I was wondering this is why he isn’t on the POI list. But then, the picture became clearer and that was so good. I’m yet to pick the next book, but in all honesty, I was completely dazzled and I so look forward to reading Good Girl Bad Blood next. Sorry for the rant, I didn’t have anyone among my bookish friends who have read that book so yep😂🤷

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    1. wait, that’s something like what i suspected too! i thought Ravi was a bad guy at first, but it turns out he was just helping Pip solve the mystery, and clear Sal’s name.

      i hope you enjoy the rest of the series!
      haha, you’re good – thanks for the comment xD

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  3. I read this book in July, and finished the trigoly (idk how to spell it lol) in august and it was so good!! : ) but to be fair when I was reading as good as dead and *that* happened i was left tramatized. i loved this review : )
    p.s. if u didn’t read kill joy, its a prequel to the series and its amazing too

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    1. nice! also, i think the spelling is trilogy xD
      yeaah, exactly. i actually just finished writing a rant-review of as good as dead, it’ll probably be published next month, i think :))
      i have actually downloaded the book! i read as good as dead yesterday and i still need time to process everything that happened and ill read Kill Joy once ive done that lol
      thanks for reaading!

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      1. yeaaah i kind of feel like the book wasn’t about solving the mystery, but more like “how to get away with murder”
        And I don’t get why Ravi helped pip cover it up? Like, sal was framed for a murder he didn’t commit, and that’s exactly what they’re doing to max.. it just doesn’t add up. And I can’t get over the fact thst pip KILLED DT, now and that just ruins the book for me. Even if he 100% deserved it

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      2. Ig ravi helped pip coz max did have a big hand in the events that led to sal’s murder. Also, i thought all the author wanted to say is that sometimes a country’s law isn’t enough to identify a criminal. We all know max was one and so was jason, so it was a kinda win-win situation?
        Also if pip hadn’t killed Dt he probably would have got out of a case if pip tried to put one on him. He was an influential persona and had enough power to wiggle out of this one and then probably hurt/kill another girl
        Idk, that was what i thought

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      3. max totally deserved to be in jail. but for HIS crimes. Not something completely unrelated.
        yes, DT deserved to die for all that he did in the past, and if I were Pip in that situation, and I couldn’t escape, I would’ve done the same too. But what she did doesn’t exactly count as self defence, but rather Overkill..
        I think she should’ve just turned herself into the police, now that DT was dead..everything would’ve turned out differently. Or she just should’ve went back home, and told the police everything so they go to the building and arrest DT and such-🤷🏻‍♀️
        I think it was really clever how Pip framed Max, drugged him and “sprinkled” his DNA at the crime scene but they also manage to MIRACULOUSLY wipe out ALL of pip and Ravi’s dna there? How is that humanly possible? I don’t think this was though out that well like the rest of the series.

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      4. Max’s crimes weren’t getting proved tho
        Pip was in a emotional state, after knowing everything she did, i dont really blame her for taking out her rage on dt
        Ig they didn’t wipe out everything. Remember how the police officer kimda hinted at pip? Ig there was just more of max’d dna and some other ones were not really paid attention to

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  4. ahhhh I was literally just thinking about reading this book a few days ago but nobody I know has read it so I couldn’t ask anyone if they would recommend it. So this post came at the PERFECT time thanks Evin, definitely going to go read it now! ☺️

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      1. Well, that was what I immediately thought when you said you reviewed another book from that series. But no one is forcing you to review all of the books!

        It’s like when I review albums on my blog, I don’t buy every single studio album from that one artist because some of their albums aren’t good.

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  5. Amazing review! I’ve been wondering whether this book is worth a read and now I know it is. The writing style seems to be just perfect for the genre. Also, the first quote reminds me of one I read in the book ‘It ends with us’. It was something like “I think that’s one of the biggest signs a person has matured, knowing how to appreciate things that matter to others, even if they don’t matter very much to you.”


  6. Great review! I loved this book so much when I read it last year via audiobook (which was INCREDIBLE) I still need to get to the other two books though 🙉

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  7. i finished this book in a day , it is just too too good. it’s one of those books that leaves you wanting more and the sequel doesn’t disappoint! however i’ve just started the third instalment and i am a little disappointed

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      1. honestly, I’ve just started the third book but so far, I think it’s a bit grim:/ to be fair, I’m only a couple pages in, but Pip just doesn’t seem the same. idk, I feel like if this was real-life, her parents would push her to see a psychologist, since she seems quite traumatised by the last investigation:/ but seriously the ending of the second book was amazing!

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