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PREMiUM DESiGNS MONTH! ~ Featherlights Blog Designz☀

Hii Oreos! Guess what? 😏

I got Canva Pro for a month!!🥳🥳

Bitmoji Image

So, I’ll be holding an event for an ENTIRE MONTH!😜

If you didn’t know, I have a blog designing “business” where I design blogs or a part of it for free! This includes blog makeovers, blog set-ups, and any other part of a blog design. Head on over to the page for more info! (linked below)

From the 23rd of April to the 18th of May, You’ll be getting PREMIUM designs, also for free!

(yes, that’s not actually an entire month but-)

Every order takes around a few hours to a couple of days, I’ll let you know the time period when you place an order😉

Canva Pro includes premium fonts, templates, and no watermarks, and this is the best time to get it all for free. You can find all of the designing elements on the page linked above, and their descriptions.

Don’t miss out!

Thank you so much for reading! Re-blog, so more people know!

Hope you have a great day! Bye!💞


54 thoughts on “PREMiUM DESiGNS MONTH! ~ Featherlights Blog Designz☀

      1. Oh, that’s TOTALLY okay, girl!!!!!! Don’t worry about it one bit. I haven’t been quite as active as I wished I was on your own wonderful site, but I guess that’s just what happens when life gets crazy. *wishing school would hurry up and be over with* XD

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  1. Wow, 100th post? Congrats! I’ve only just hit my, 12th I think? XD, anyways, the premium designs month sounds super exciting! I’ve been planning on adding a new page to my site, so maybe I could place an order?? *raises eyebrows, winks*

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    1. Well, it’s been almost a year since I started blogging so 100 isn’t much compared to that but it’s a pretty big milestone! Thank you!😊💜
      Ooooh yes! I’d love to help 😉

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