Oreo takes over // Collab w/Rocket!

Hewo frens! Iz me oweo chan. I has taken over Evin’s bwog.

Today, me and my bes fren – WOCKET (*ahem* rocket.) will be doin a collab! (Diamond’s doggy)

we be sharing out daily routines becuz our hoomans want us to. Donut forgets to read Dwiamond’s bwog to read my daily routine.

My other animol frens have also done collabs! Read Hucklebory’s and Willy’s collab here~!

Diamond’s Stuffie Blog: Build a Bears FureverDiamond’s personal blog: I have 12% of a Plan (how cool of a name is THAT?😆😜)

-Rocket’s Daily Routine-

Hello to my good pal Oreo! It’s Rocket…

This is me when I was a puppy! I’m a big dog now(a whole 10 pounds!), so I’ll teach you how to be an adult dog! 

I wake up and go outside.

It’s fun to play outside. I do my thing outside, and then I come in for belly rubs. And naps. Naps are awesome.

I sleep a lot, but I also love to play!

I love playing with toys! My favorite is Mr. Fluffy, but I also love my firehose and tennis balls.

I have this brother named Chap. I love him lots, but I don’t know that he loves me…He always growls at me.

Time for food! Sometimes Diamond forgets to feed me, but I always remind her.

More naptime!

I also love belly rubs. They’re my favorite.

Another one of my favorite pastimes is barking. It’s the best when there is something to bark at, though I bark anyway. Here’s a photo of me barking at a frog that was in my backyard.

My owners love me very much, and I’m very happy to have them.

Dat was AWEZOME! good job, wocket. u awesome.

My other animol frens have also done collabs! Read Hucklebory’s and Willy’s collab here~!

if you don know dem, their hoomans are Anna and D. check out their bwogs too! they awezome.

Thamk YOU! fur readin’! And thamks wocket for doin da collab w me!

bye frens!

wuv, oweo.💗

oh, and i also have a my own YOUTUBE channel! (am a STAW) pwease subscroob to it! now, bye!

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  1. *dies laughing* this is hilarious!
    (Btw can u ask to view my site? Cuz I’d love to have you join the people of the big world, aka my followers/friends!)

    Liked by 4 people

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