The struggles of being 🌟iNTROVERTED🌟

I’ve been putting off this post for SO LONG, it’s time I finally get around to write it💅🏻
okay, so if you’re an introvert/an ambivert, you CAN relate to almost all of the … things mentioned in this post😝

A lot of bloggers say that I have a bubbly personality, but that’s not true for me in real life. 😛

That’s all I have to say, let’s get into it!

and something completely unrelated: Today is my half bday!! only 6 more months till i’m a teenager!!!!!!!

oh, and side note: this post is basically me rambling.

~When a guest/relative comes over and you try to go to your room but your mOm calls you to come talk with them. (or something like that)

There was this time when a relative came over, and I said “hi” and went in my room with a bOk and headphones. *not even 30 seconds later* my mom gives me “the look” and says “gO tAlK To tHeM” Then i went and awkwardly sat next to them. And they were like “WhAt’s Ur NaMe?” *My brain: DO YOU SERIOUSLY NOT KNOW MY NAME?!* (I know they do, but is that like the only conversation starter-)

This is basically the same when a relative is on the phone and your mom forces you to talk to them. WHY DO THEY EVEN DO THAT. (I mean if i have something to say to them, I would, but-)

im looking at you MOM. 😦

~You hate being the center of attention

Mmm hmm. my sistow and mom say i’m an “attention grabber” but i DONUT like being the center of attention. my school does this thing where they call ppl celebrating their bdays ON STAGE and make everyone sing the bday song for them. It just so happened to be MY bday once, and I was dreading going on stage. When they called out the people who were celebrating their bdays on that day, I was like “nOpe. I’m not going” but my friends were already shouting my name and pointing at me-

so I had to go (they made me and its not fair.) and I was the only one who had their bday. so everyone was starting at me. IT WAS SO SCARY AHHHHHH

moving on-

~You would do anything to NOT answer the phone.

I mean, tbh I like facetiming SOME people, like my cousin. thats all. (and my mom and my sistow) (yesh im looking at you sandy) but you know when your texting someone and they CALL YOU to reply?

I hate when people do that.

~You LOVE your alone time, and some people just don’t get that.

YESSSSS alone time is AWESOME. Its just you, your thoughts. (and maybe your book, food etc-)

thats all.

~You analyse every conversation you’ve had

I do this everyday-

~You sometimes wish you could communicate like an extrovert.

My best friend is an extrovert, and she can talk to people REALLY easily. I sometimes wish I could talk to people like her, but all I do is just smile and wave-

~Sometimes the only person (okay, not really a person) you can talk to is your pet

I’m not sure if this is an actual thing or if i’m just making things up. Anyways, I talk to animals. A LOT. But i don’t have one. Well, my neighbours had this dog called Henry, and I see it everyday. When no one’s around, I talk to Henry xD

it’s just like talking to yourself, (which I do a LOT) but not really.

~People keep telling you to stop being so shy.

UGH this happens to me SO MANY TIMES.

It’s just how I am okay?


here’s a video that explains this:


~You rehearse/practice what you’re going to say to someone before you meet them

hehe its true 🙂

~ you try avoid having to present something/talk in front of people

last year, we had a small contest where we had to add a plot twist to a classic story (or something like that i have no clue) and NARRATE it in front of everyone. I wanted to participate, but at the same time I did not want to do it in front of people. But I did, and I won in the contest. xD

but that’s unrelated. I was SO nervous and I kept looking at the floor. I even cut a few parts of the story so I could finish quickly.

Well that took a while. But those are all of the struggles of being an Introvert I COULD THINK OF. Thank you so much for reading!

Here are introvert struggles that my FRIENDS said:

Potterhead Aanya: you never have someone to spill exciting secrets which you only tell best friends, in a way that’s a good thing, but there are things that you just have to tell so you dont know anyone or trust them.

Diamond: It’s hard to socialize bc sometimes you want to be around people, but it is draining, and people think you’re anti social

feel free to share YOUR introvert struggles in the comments! (and maybe I’ll add a few of them in this post)

I hope you enjoyed reading!!

Until next time,

P.S. I bit into a crayon. i spitted it out.

95 thoughts on “The struggles of being 🌟iNTROVERTED🌟

  1. I am NOT an introvert/ambivert but I can relate to you so much!!! Especially the center of attention thing. I don’t want to be the COA but it is always me 😦

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  2. I ANALIZE EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION TOO!!!!!!!! XD I think I am an ambivert. I used to be introverted, but I’m making myself come out of my shell. I depends on who i’m with, but usually I love being the center of attention (in the good way).
    I really enjoyed this post!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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    1. Yeah…. I’m trying to get people to think I am not mean…. I am trying…………………………………………………. When in doubt (at youth group) I hang out with the boys…. yeah. Weird. But I feel more comfortable there bc one of my sisters is rough and not girly like all the other girls… I’m used to it. XD


    2. Haha😂
      Yeah I can sort of agree with you! I’m actually talking with some people now 😂 (I used to just look at the floor and try to leave the room buuuut that’s changed 😆)
      Yeah! Same for me too😝
      Aw thanks!
      You too!💛
      P.S. Are you taking a break from blogging?

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  3. Oh I can relate with it so much. I’m not an introvert but I’m the worst when it comes to talking on phone and I don’t know what happens with me when guests visit us, I don’t like to be in front of them, except friends or close relatives. Then I even don’t like to get ignored, I love it when people know that I’m there. I have many qualities of an extrovert too!

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    1. My struggle: When you want to talk to someone but you can’t because you don’t know how to start the conversation.

      Also, the worst thing is: I’m shy in front of everyone but sometimes some boys assume that I have a crush on them.🤦🏻‍♀️

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  4. I relate to everything you said! Although, not with my mom– I’ve not lived with her since I was sixteen. But she did do the “come say hi to this total stranger” and my sister put me in situations to be the center of attention, knowing I hated it.

    I’m also not shy if I like the person, which confuses people. It happened with a mean boss I hardly talked to. She saw me laughing with a coworker and got so confused. Hey, I only open up to nice people! x-)

    And my pet peeve is when the life of the party turns to me and says, “you know, I’m actually really shy, too.” Really? Because you just did a one-hour stand-up special and received a standing ovation. Hahaha Okay, I’ll stop ranting :-p


  5. OMG I can relate to the to the T! The funny thing is that I work in sales so I’m forced to pretend to be chipper and speak to people. It doesn’t take away the anxiety though!


  6. Yes to allllllll of these. I’m like 90 % introverted.
    I feel like you do a good job of socializing behind the scenes(like, how you seem to have a bubbly personality)

    This was a great post! I especially liked the postscript you added. XD


  7. Why does this post resonate with me so much?? 😂😂
    Well, the best form of communication for us introverted folk is probably texting. Me and my best friend often find it better to text each other than have a phone call, so I guess that sums it up

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  8. Oh yeah. I can relate. I HATE when people call me shy or tell me to stop being shy. Like that is my most major pet peeve. I can’t stand it, because I was told that so much when I was younger. like, “oh, she so shy.” and things like that.

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  9. Just read this post, and I can relate to some of those things to!! I’m mostly an ambivert, but it usually depends on who I’m around, and where I am, sooo…

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  10. Whoa! I think I’m more extroverted but when I’m around peeps I don’t know I can get REALLY shy. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted and people shouldn’t tell you to stop being shy!!!!!!!!! (Also, this might sound weird, but this is actual really helpful ’cause all the MCs in books I write for some unknown reason have introverted sides, so I’m kind of taking notes o’er here. XD 😜)

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  11. I literally relate to every single one of these points. 😂 It’s tragic. I definitely feel like introverts are incredibly misunderstood. 😥 But this post was very amusing. XD

    (P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!)

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  12. I understand how you feel. I remember when I was much younger I would never enter the church if am late so that I don’t receive all the attention. I remember one of such days, I spent the church offering on toffees instead of entering the church and putting it in the offering bowl. My younger brother went home to tell our mom and I received a very good beating. I still remember very well. But now I have evolved into being an extrovert due to my schooling and career.

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  13. Omg I feel you about not wanting to talk to your relatives. If I want to talk to them, then I’ll talk to them. It’s more awkward when people are forced to talk, rather than just letting them be (I have made this mistake a billion times with my former crush). I hate group projects and discussions where I have to talk to people because I don’t know what to say most of the time lol. I used to swear when I had to present something in class, so thankfully I don’t do that anymore. Thanks for sharing your struggles with us because you are definitely not alone!

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  14. Who do I totally feel the talking to yourself part?! And the eating a crayon part……..I ate an eraser 😬
    I’m an ambivert, and people think when I don’t talk to them, I do it on purpose. I mean seriously 😒
    I talk to my stuffies 🧸
    Hehe 🙃

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  15. I relate to LOADS of these. Another thing that I ALWAYS do (I’m not sure if anyone else does this) is saying “sorry”. I say sorry on a DAILY BASIS. I am not joking. 😅😅😅 Sorry for ranting. 😂

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  16. I can relate to this quite a bit even though I think I am an ambivert. Like when I’m supposed to be talking to relatives, man that weirds me out, coz what am I supposed to say to them!?!?!!? 😂😂
    Btw, don’t feel bad for being an introvert, i don’t get why people keep trying to make introverts into extroverts 🙄

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  17. Oh dude, I totally have a complete screenplay/script etched in my head before I meet up with somebody. And they better not deviate from my pre-selected topics haha! But yeah, life as an introvert really isn’t as much of a struggle if you don’t fight it. Just roll with it and be comfortable with your personality the way it is. It’s easier to improve your strengths sometimes than get great at your weaknesses.

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  18. I think I`m like 35% Introvert and 65% extrovert because I can talk to some people easily and like making friends, but at parties that aren`t thrown by my family members I won`t talk to anyone because I don`t know anyone. And one time I wanted to sing and my cousin`s B-day party because everyone was doing karaoke but when I went to do so I WAS SO NEVOUS NO KIDDING I WAS SHAKING SO MUCH! T-T (I still sang just fine tho)

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      1. ANOTHER THING (sorry for talking so much) I`m pretty sure being an introvert means to get tired around people and more energized away from people (like a battery) and an extrovert gets tired away from people and energized when around people. Both extroverts and introverts can have these problems because they are just name to describe your battery. (I dunno maybe I`m wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) (srry for all the comments)

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    1. I’d say I’m okay at making friends too! And yeah, bday parties are SO awkward for me.
      i hate when people tell me to do something, but they don’t understand how hard it is for me like-

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  19. This. It’s just so relatable, like it’s true…
    Also being an introvert, people overlook my suggestions because my words fail to make my suggestion stand strong in front of the others. . .and starting a conversation is like *gulp* “what do I say, what do I say? I want to say something but what do I say?”
    Also I am like highly underestimated because i don’t talk much…gah its annoying~
    Amazing post tho!!

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  20. Great post! I can relate to the things you said 🙂😉
    I really liked the video, it was so funny watching it as someone who’s been shy my whole life and will most likely continue to be. 😜 The ‘translation’ was so true!!😁
    Thanks Evin!! 😊

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  21. Oh my gosh! These are so relatable!
    I’m a very big introvert in real life, and I especially hate it when people say stuff like “Why are you so quiet?” It’s so annoying!! 😬 I also hate being the center of attention.

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