Blogger Shout-outs ~ November 2020!!

Hello everyone!!!! Happy December!!

it me

Welcome back to my blog!!

Today is another post in the Blogger shout-outs series!

You can click the link above⏫ to read the previous ones!

I shout-out to 10 bloggers whose blogs I LOVED reading!! Don’t forget to click on every link, because they’re all fantastic blogs!! Follow them too😜✨

Here we go!





Riddhi @ Whispering Stories

Nehal @ Books and Words

Definitely Moi @ Bookish Blunders

Christina @ Christina and Camera

Jasmine @ Bookworm

Esdi @ Esdi Blogs

“The one who always talks” @ Online Days

Millay @ Millay’s Musings

Blumallowmelt @ Random thoughts of my fandoms

Sophie @ Sophie ‘n the tea

Congrats to everyone on the list!!

(Please don’t feel sad if you aren’t, and if you want me to check out your blog, say so and add a link to your blog in the comments!)

 YOU can email me your favorite bloggers a week before the end of that month, so I can include them in this series! You can send me the links of 1-2 bloggers since only 10 will be included in each post. if I get a lot, maybe 15. (I won’t be giving out my email here, you can email me through my contact page)

So.. yeah!! Don’t forget to follow all the blogs mentioned here and Thanks for reading!!!



37 thoughts on “Blogger Shout-outs ~ November 2020!!

Add yours

      1. Oh.. well I have hosted a blog contest.. if you look in my archives of August you can find it! I am hosting it next year too, so I will let you know when I do that😀

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