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Birthday Vlog Diaries!!! Part #2

YUP! I finally came up with something to call you! OREOS!! Coz I love them and all my blog readerss <3. You are now a honorary OREO! (This person finally figured out how to use GIFs in her posts) Hope you're having the best day ever so far!! (and now you're very happy that I… Continue reading Birthday Vlog Diaries!!! Part #2

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Guest post- Tips on Photography✨

Maybe you've loved photography forever, but want to become better. Maybe you're a beginner who is just starting out. Maybe you're just bored and stumbled across this post. In any case, here are some tips on photography. I was thirteen when my mom started taking classes on professional photography. Within a few months, she began… Continue reading Guest post- Tips on Photography✨

Guest posting!

Guest post- SHE ; A poem.

SHE A life defined by expectations,Where her own were forgotten.Dreams reduced to ashesAnd her rights ripped from her.Her voice rages withinStriving to be set free,Raging to answer questionsThat were left unanswered,Because a girl is meant to stay silent. Setting thosePre-conceived medieval ignorant fools on fire,She watches gleefully as their pride burns to ashes.To the world… Continue reading Guest post- SHE ; A poem.

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Happy Independence Day!! (+ Blog tour!)

hope that's the right spelling XD Hello everyone! here I am with another bonus post! Just poppin' in real quick to say......................................... As we remember our national heroes today, let's renew our pledge to always uphold our national unity so that we can live together in peace and harmony. Happy Independence Day! One of my favorite things to learn about… Continue reading Happy Independence Day!! (+ Blog tour!)

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My Birthday!!✨🤩🎊 // Blog Partyy!!!💖🤩 (Closed)

IT'S MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!! AND WE'RE HAVING A BLOG PARTYY!!!! A 5 day long blog party!! (This party ends on the 18th of August!) YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAY!!!! today, I turn 12!!🎇🎆🎉✨🎊🤩🤩🤩 (how can I forget the bitmoji?) Before we start the partayy......................... I want to say.............a huge.............................. For being here and for coming along with me in my… Continue reading My Birthday!!✨🤩🎊 // Blog Partyy!!!💖🤩 (Closed)

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The ultimate blanket/cushion fort!🤩😝 Quarantine vlog diaries #2

*This is a diary of the 5th and 6th of Aug Today is my Grandma's Birthday!!!💖🎊🥳🎉 My sistah and I were making a scrapbook for her, but then we only did the front page and we were exhausted. So were going to do a PHOTO FRAME! with 4 photos✨✨✨ I haven't done a QVD in… Continue reading The ultimate blanket/cushion fort!🤩😝 Quarantine vlog diaries #2

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Max clothing haul!!! AND, I’m inviting you to my B’day blog party!!! 🤩

This wasn't planned to be posted today, but I thought I'd do something different 😉😌 A clothing haul!!! Disclaimer: I am not doing this to brag in ANY WAY, and I was not sponsored. Max is an amazing place for clothes shopping 😉 I also had LOTS of fun, except that it was way too… Continue reading Max clothing haul!!! AND, I’m inviting you to my B’day blog party!!! 🤩