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Birthday Mishaps😅 // A funny post on baking fails

The first of July was my dad’s birthday. So, My sis and I wanted to bake a cake. We barely bake, so we had no ingredients at home except for staples like sugar, milk and eggs. And biscuits. We had biscuits. We looked up a recipe on YouTube and we found the perfect one! All it needed was biscuits and milk🤩🤩

First we had to grind the biscuits into a fine powder. Then add milk and mix. Then bake it! That was it!! But the result literally came out like a biscuit. And, we ran out of baking paper, so we used aluminium foil and.. that made it even worse. The foil was melted in with the biscuit cake. Ugh. Just great!🙄 It was also burnt. It looked so black😬

Who in the right mind who call this a cake?!?

But, We still had SOME biscuits left, so I decided to make another one. A better one. The second cake actually came out like a cake! I was so relieved 😝

But, on the other hand , I tried to make buttercream frosting. We had only like one milli tea spoon (not sure if that’s a thing) of butter!! Luckily , my mom had some homemade butter, so I used that to make the frosting. But then, well let’s just put it this way..🤦 some water got into my mixing bowl and.. well I tried to pour the water out.. and not only the water but The frosting came out if the bowl too! My hands were super slippery and yes. I dropped the bowl🤦

so.. that’s how it turned out. It actually tasted super good! Except that there was a lot of buttercream left and, It was wasted. It’s coz it only tasted good on cake. Not by itself. We only had a hard time baking the cake. The dinner was amazing!!

My sister (and I ) made lasagna! It was veryyyy yummy!🤣 I ate the most of it😂😋.Look:

Doesn’t that look Delish?

hope you enjoyed reading (and had a good laugh) 🤗

if you’ve not noticed, I’ve trashed alll of my old blog posts that I wrote in blogger🌸 because…

.Those posts/my writing were verryyy different from what I’ve written in WP. And I wanted to start fresh! I wrote about 30+ posts in blogger and only 24 in WordPress.

If you wanna read all my old blog posts, visit my blogger blog here: I don’t post there anymore but I HAVE written a lil over 30 posts. I wanted to start fresh. That means I haven’t written 50+ posts, only 24🤣 . I also updated my first ever post in WordPress. (Why why why😂) can read that here, if you want to, of course 💖(this heart is so cool)

Hey! did you just scroll all the way down and not read that whole story? As a punishment, you should scroll back up and read the whole post🤣😂💖 jk. Or am I ?

Here’s fun fact. : If you’re reading this, then you read till the end! Thanks! Byeee!!

Wait!!!! When I was helping a blogger with a sign off, I discovered so many more COOL stickers!! I started having waaayyy too much fun with Canva and ended up making 3 more sign offs😅🤣 THAT MEANS I have 7 sign offs in total😂 (you can never have enough sign offs. Can you relate? NOT.) this is one of them, you’ll see the other 2 in my upcoming posts! Look here👇 do you like it?😉🤪

50 thoughts on “Birthday Mishaps😅 // A funny post on baking fails

    1. Okay, cooking I’m pretty good at. Baking ummmmmmmmmmm that’s a no no. Of course!!! It was so inspiring. It will be published soon. Also, check your email 😉


  1. That cake looked delicious!! 😀 I’m not too good at making food look great either, but for me it’s the taste that counts!! 😋 Can’t wait for the guest posts, and I love that new sign-off!!


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  2. I read the,whole post cuz it was AWESOME! That cake acc didn’t turn out that bad tho…and the lasagna looked SO good! Loved this post so much:))))

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Yay! Glad you like it!! Of course friend!! Your post was amazing 💕 YES!! If you ever need a button, head over to my blog design page 😃 I’d be happy to help🙂

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  3. I’ve had sooo many cake failures! Buttercream is so hard to get right. As a gift, I was given these nice, fancy piping tips. Me tried to make buttercream. It didn’t work. Me despaired. XD It’s the taste that counts, though, and I’m glad that yours tasted good!! 🙂

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  4. That lasagna looked delishhhhhhhhh!!! Hey…can I have the cake………………………………………jk, but it looked lovely! The sign off is so pretty too! My cake failures…..don’t even let me START! Thinking about it now…I might make a blog post about it😂😂😂

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  5. Nice! Oh my God, that lasagne is looking HEAVENLY!!!
    I tried baking a cake… It caught fire. Too much flour, my mum said. I don’t know. I haven’t tried baking ever since… xD!

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    Sorry about that, but I’m new to blogging so Evin? Can you help me like build a blog?
    I would love it if you could help!! Thanks!
    -Lily (P.S. I named myself a different name,hehe)

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  7. I definitely hd a good laugh lol 😂😂😂😂😂 “some water got into my mixing bowl and.. well I tried to pour the water out” I’m like yupp I know what’s gonna happen there soo funny lol

    “. and not only the water but The frosting came out if the bowl too! My hands were super slippery and yes. I dropped the bowl🤦🤦🤦 I was soo mad. At the bowl. 😂🤦” Lool so funny

    “But I completely forgot about the thing called “CACOA” (which is added to turn something into a chocolatey flavor)”

    Lool I love your bog, nice work
    Can you please share my blog in anyway you can, thanks

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