Life has changed.. A lot. + Announcement!

So.. getting through this time can be pretty hard.. and this post is all about that! I miss going to school.. (to meet up with my friends, not for any other reason I know…) Also, going to class IN school is way better than online classes.

I couldn’t even visit my best friend on her birthday! And, even if I COULD visit her, we have to be social distancing (I know it’s for “safety measures,” but still!) it’s like we’re strangers!

Anyways, I’m not sure if I want to go back to school yet. Here is a list of reasons why..

  • I have to wake up early. My sleep schedule has totally changed. I go to sleep at midnight (I’m writing this at 11:00 pm😂😂) and I wake up really late. So I don’t wanna wake up early…
  • I have to wear a uniform. No more learning in comfy clothes. Or eating breakfast in bed while listening to classes.
  • I have to carry a heavy load of books. Not that I can’t but.. books are so heavy!!
  • 7th grade is hard.

Yup. My mom told me about this thing called ” Zero education year”.

It’s like this.. we learn through online services until the end of this pandemic. We won’t be graded. But.. we also won’t be promoted to the next year, so I have to study 7th grade for another year (Yikes!!). But, I like to learn new things, but still!

The announcement; I got selected by feedspot for top 100 blogs !!!! That is so exciting 🤩.

Also.. here is a short story of my life.

!!deleted for being cringey!!

EDIT: woah..


22 thoughts on “Life has changed.. A lot. + Announcement!

  1. Wow!! 😊We have alot in common! ❤I really miss school and meeting my friends+my school bags are so heavy!+I have to wear uniforms to school+I also sleep late and wake up late nowadays+I’m in 7th grade too!😂✌🏻 Hope we can be friends! Love u Evin! P.S. your name is so cute and unique😎

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